Best breastfeeding bras 2022: tried and tested for comfort and style

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To help you choose the best breastfeeding bra to suit you, we’ve tried and tested a range of popular brands at different price points.

Everybody wants to be comfortable when breastfeeding, and a good bra is usually the place to start. But there really is no such thing as ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to bras – especially when it comes to bras for breastfeeding. So to help you choose the right bra for your breastfeeding journey – that will support you as your breasts change during pregnancy – we called on one of our parent reviewers and asked her to put a range of breastfeeding bras to the test.

Our parent tester is midwife Laila Scott, who has been breastfeeding her 1-year-old son Elyan since birth.

Best breastfeeding bras at a glance

The Seraphine Maternity & Nursing Bra wins our top vote, based on our parent reviews. It creates a flattering bustline shape with good support (and no underwiring) but it’s as practical as can be when it comes to feeding your baby. We love the silky soft microfibre fabric with lace trim and the fact that it looks so pretty whilst also being highly practical to use.

Best breastfeeding bra: Seraphine Maternity & Nursing Bra – Seraphine | £25.00
Best premium breastfeeding bra: Bravado Restore Bra – Bravado | £29.00
Best budget breastfeeding bra: Emma-Jane Seamfree Maternity & Nursing Bra – JoJo Maman Bébé | £16.00
Best breastfeeding bra for ultra comfort: Mamalicious Mlilja Bras – Mamalicious | £38.00
Best breastfeeding bra for breathable fabric: Bravissimo Nursing Sleep Bra – Bravissimo | £34.00
Best breastfeeding bra for summer: Marks & Spencer Flexifit Non Wired Nursing Bra – Marks & Spencer | £20.00
Best breastfeeding bra for night: JoJo Maman Bébé Maternity & Nursing Sleep Bras – JoJo Maman Bébé | £22.00
Best seam-free breastfeeding bra: Lindex Seamless Nursing Bra – Lindex | £24.99

1. Seraphine Maternity & Nursing Bra

Best breastfeeding bra overall – soft, supportive and more glamorous than most breastfeeding bras 

Credit: Seraphine

Star rating:  | Fabric: 100% Cotton lining, 87% Nylon, 13% Elastane exterior


Great privacy panel
Gorgeous material and style
Gives a perfect fit

We say: Fusing comfort with function and style, this is the perfect breastfeeding bra for mums who still want to feel like themselves. It’s fully adjustable and the design allows for a flexible fit. Although it’s advised to select your regular style, this bra grows with you, adapting as your body changes. The drop-down clips allow for easy access when without the need for full exposure.

Our tester says: ‘This bra is awesome. It’s beautifully made, of fantastic quality and so soft. It creates a clear defined bust shape that isn’t too overexposed, so it’s practical to wear under low cut clothing. Although the bra has no under-wiring, it’s extremely supportive without feeling restrictive. I was well supported at all times, and yet also felt as though I wasn’t wearing a bra because the fabric is so soft.’

Priced at a moderate £25, this isn’t the cheapest breastfeeding bra around but it’s certainly not the most expensive either. Visit Seraphine stores to get a professional bra fitting with a maternity expert.


2. Bravado Restore Bra

Best premium breastfeeding bra – extremely comfortable to wear

Credit: Bravado

Star rating:  | Fabric: main body 83% recycled nylon, 9% virgin nylon, 8% spandex


Extremely comfortable fit
Easy and practical to use
Keeps its shape
Cup size is a little on the small side

We say: We love absolutely everything about this nursing bra from Bravado, and it’s worth every penny according to our parent tester. The subtlety in the ribbed fabric adds a discreet layer of thickness that’s great for added support and protection against leakage, and the bra also comes with removable pads.

Our tester says: So comfortable and very easy to nurse in. I could easily uncover and cover myself very swiftly with one hand for feeding due to the clever design of this bra. With no fiddly hooks or clasps, it’s easy to feed without fuss, making this the ideal bra for feeding when you’re out and about with your baby.

Made with Eco-Stretch fabric that contains sustainable recycled nylon and high-performance Lycra for added stretch and comfort, this bra is designed to grow with expectant and new mothers – so there is no need to buy the same bra in different sizes.


3. Emma-Jane Seamfree Maternity & Nursing Bra

Best breastfeeding bra for a budget buy

Credit: JoJo Maman Bébé

Star rating:  | Fabric: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane


Very easy to use
Good support
Soft fabric
Unclips too easily
A little exposing

We say: This bra gets our vote as the best breastfeeding bra to buy on a budget. Priced at just £16.00 it certainly offers everything you need in a nursing bra. Made from fabric that is abrasion resistant, our tester washed the bra over and over again, even with dirty baby clothes, and each time it came out looking brand new.

Our tester says: I loved the flattering design of this bra. The soft and stretchy material fits easily with no discomfort. The cut of the top is not exposing, which is comfortable to wear, however, it isn’t ideal for lower cut tops.


4. Mamalicious Mlilja Bras

Best breastfeeding bra for ultra comfort 

Credit: Mamalicious

Star rating:  | Fabric: 90% Polyamide, 10% Elastane



Comfortable fit
Easy to use
Internal pads are visible through clothing
Pads move and fold over too easily

We say: Those who breastfeed may be used to the generic bralette style of bra, without an option for padding – and this is often preferable for those seeking comfort. But if you want a bit of an uplift, then you’re in luck. Fitted with optional pads, this bra feels more like a regular bra. Designed to fit through all stages of pregnancy and postpartum, mums are advised to select their usual fit and alter the bra as they go along with the adjustable straps and the generous give in the material. The adjustability means that this bra is suitable for mothers throughout their breastfeeding journey.

Our tester says: Like a sports bra in its style, this design was a hit. You have the option to adjust the back, which many nursing bras don’t have when styled like this.  The pads are removable, which I like, although they are visible through a thin top and sometimes get folded over whilst feeding.

The duo pack comes with both a nude and black bra, so they’re easy to wear with most clothes. The recycled nylon is super lightweight but great for support, and so offers great comfort to mothers without feeling too restricted along the breastbone.


5. Bravissimo Nursing Sleep Bra

Best breastfeeding bra for breathable fabric

Credit: Bravissimo

Star rating:  | Fabric: 93% Viscose, 7% Elastane and lining 60% Polyamide, 40% Elastane


Soft fabric
Comfortable to wear day and night
Highly supportive
Only minimally adjustable


We say: Especially when breasts enlarge during pregnancy and the postpartum period, it can be common to get a lot of sweating across the chest area, which can cause rubbing and discomfort. If your breasts are on the large side, you may find that you’d prefer a bit more separation between each side – which you don’t really get in a style like this.

Our tester says: Advertised as a nighttime bra, this allows plenty of ventilation due to its breathable fabric and mesh insert, which I really appreciated. And, on the topic of comfort, the straps of this bra are padded to ensure minimal rubbing which isn’t something you often see in nursing bras. This bra isn’t the cheapest option out there, and hasn’t got a particularly intricate design. But what you’re really paying for here is the wide variety of sizing – from a 30E to a 40K – and the breathability and comfort of the fabric.

The options are slightly limited for this bra, as the only colour available is navy. But a dark colour option is usually the most popular when it comes to breastfeeding bras as it’s easy to cover up any leaks and marks. The non-padded style has padded straps and a regular bra back so it’s as easy to put on.


6. Marks & Spencer Flexifit Non-Wired Nursing Bra

Best breastfeeding bra for summer

Credit: Marks & Spencer

Star rating:  | Fabric: 60% polyester, 19% polyamide, 18% elastane and 3% cotton (exclusive of trimmings)



Soft material
Highly supportive
Reasonable price
Limited colours

We say: Coming in at an average price of £20, this nursing bra is an affordable option for those looking for something that promises to be great quality, but won’t break the bank. The brands Flexifit technology allows the bra to move with you all day for added comfort and support, without being too bulky or high rise in its design.

Our tester says: This bra is a great all-rounder as it has everything I would look for in a nursing bra. I couldn’t actually tell that I was wearing a bra most of the time, as it’s so comfortable to wear. I’ve tried plenty of bras from M&S over the years, including maternity and breastfeeding bras, and this is one of the best that I’ve had. Despite the bra not being high rise, and allowing for relatively low cut clothing, there were no accidental exposures or slips, and the hooks were easy to unfasten when nursing. The added cotton lining also acts as a sweat-wicking layer, making it an ideal bra to wear during warmer months.

7. JoJo Maman Bébé Maternity & Nursing Sleep Bras

Best breastfeeding bra for nighttime

Credit: JoJo Maman Bébé

Star rating: | Fabric: 95% Cotton, 5% Elastane


  Easy to use
  Very comfortable
  Lightweight fabric 
Limited adjustability
Narrow support band under breasts

We say: When we plan out what underwear we’re wearing, it’s not often that we pay much attention to what we may wear during nighttime, and that’s probably because we don’t usually wear bras under our pyjamas. But for those breastfeeding, they may want to wear something to bed both for comfort and to prevent leaking. The gentle pull across design is perfect for nighttime feeds, and there is absolutely no need for fiddling for a clasp in the dark.

Our tester says: The concept of the crossover non-clasp style is definitely better for feeding as there’s no risk of a clasp pressing against my baby’s face which is common in some bras I’ve worn previously. Made from 95% cotton, this bra is also incredibly soft and prevents excess sweating. The fabric is sure to keep you cool during the warm weather, and whilst it’s comfortable enough to wear to bed, it offers gentle but moderate support. I’d give them a 10/10 for value for money.

Getting a set of two bras for just over £20 is rare when it comes to general t-shirt bras, but considering these bras serve an additional purpose of being nursing bras, the price is pretty great.


8. Lindex Seamless Nursing Bra

Best seam-free breastfeeding bra

Credit: Lindex Seamless Nursing Bras

Star rating:  | Fabric: 91% polyamide 9% elastane



Very easy to use
Thick band gives great support
Soft material doesn’t feel like wearing a bra 
Can be exposing when unclipped
Unclips a little too easily

We say: Designed with an added bit of lace on each cup to add a more delicate feel without making it uncomfortable, this bra will appeal to mums who want to feel like they’re wearing regular underwear.

Our tester says: On the whole, this is a really great bra, and the brand has done a good job getting the balance right – I really like the ruched aspect to the front and the clasp features, which allow for optimum comfort and a push-up effect. The three-strand hook and eye fastening ensure that there is no need to worry over the bra undoing easily, which can quite often happen in bras of lesser quality. The 2-pack gives fantastic value for money and I would highly recommend this to other mums. A really positive feature of this product is the wide sizing options it comes in. Even though it’s not cup-size related, there’s a variety of sizing available that suits all shapes and sizes of women.

Best breastfeeding bras: how to choose the right one for you

When you look for the right breastfeeding bra for you, you need to consider several things. Of course, you want something that is comfortable first and foremost. Your bra must be flexible and soft, to allow you not only comfort, but to accommodate changes in your breasts that will come and go as your milk supply changes. You never want your breasts to feel constrained and uncomfortable.

Being able to breastfeed when out and about is also important, as your baby needs to be fed whenever they are hungry. So, you need to choose a bra that allows for support that will keep you comfortable all day, and one that comes with easy to adjust cups and straps to provide plenty of space to feed your little one – nobody wants to be fiddling around for tricky hooks that take ages to take down.

Some bras are suitable for both daytime and nighttime use, and many mothers will opt to wear these for extra support at night and to help with leaking between feeds.

You may also want to get your breasts measured by your chosen retailer, or choose a bra that will grow with you. A bra that is too constricting can cause your ducts to become blocked which can lead to mastitis.

Why do you need a breastfeeding bra?

During pregnancy and postpartum, both your body and your bump will grow and change, but it’s very likely that your breasts will too. Everybody is different when it comes to this part – some notice their boobs change in size and the way that they feel straight away, and others don’t notice a change until later on.

As your milk ducts grow and your hormones change, it’s common to go up a few cup sizes and also to experience soreness. Nursing bras are designed to have easy pull down or clip apart sections to make feeding easier. Many nursing bras will be suitable from pregnancy right up until you end your breastfeeding journey, and are so comfortable that they can still be used afterwards.

Breastfeeding bras also help to hold up the weight of your breasts and offer support. They are often also heavily lined to prevent excess leaking, and can hold nipple protectors in place should you need them.

Are there different kinds of breastfeeding bras?

Most mothers will choose a bra that is soft, regardless of what style they go for. And, the majority of breastfeeding bras are not underwired because this pressure can cause discomfort when your breasts are already tender. Softer styles that resemble more of a bralette than an underwired structured bra are not only more comfortable, but are able to grow with you throughout your journey and are much easier to sleep in, too.

You will find many different styles available in breastfeeding bras, even if they look relatively similar. Most breastfeeding bras will have drop down or pull down cups that can either be pulled down by undoing clips and hooks, and offering quite a discreet unfastening. There are also pull away bras that are made in a stretchy bralette style fabric that you pull your breast out of or adjust from your shoulder, they’re very comfortable and will often come in sleeping styles too.

You’ll also find options for breastfeeding bras with under cup zips and front fastenings between the cups, but these options are less popular because they aren’t as comfortable and can be quite exposing.

How we tested the best breastfeeding bras

To help make things a little easier for you, as there are so many options out there, we drew up a shortlist of the most popular and bestselling breastfeeding bras suitable for pregnant and nursing mothers. Then, we arranged for our parent tester to try them out over a few months in order to help us find the best breastfeeding bra for different needs and budgets.

In this buying guide, we’ve featured bras that are suitable for budget-friendly and premium price points, including multipacks. We’ve paid attention to comfort, durability and the design features of each bra, to make sure that we find the best bras out there for all.

Our parent tester is midwife Laila Scott, who has been breastfeeding her 1-year-old son Elyan since birth.

In terms of design, most nursing bras are quite simplistic, and often only offer very little when it comes to detail. But, the most frustrating factor often comes in when the bras are too high rise and boxy, meaning they aren’t very flattering and it proves difficult to wear anything low cut.

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