Best prams 2022: lie-flat options suitable from birth including iCandy, Silver Cross and Mamas & Papas

Credit: Ickle Bubba Eclipse

Every parent wants the best for their baby. But how do you decide which is the best pram for your newborn and toddler?

To help you narrow down the options our consumer editor, Heidi Scrimgeour, drew up a shortlist of her pick of the top prams suitable from birth. Then, we arranged for a panel of experts to put each one to the test. After all; who better to ask about prams than parents?!

We’ve been careful to feature only prams suitable from birth. That means each pram in this buying guide either has a lie-flat seat or a bassinet for newborn babies. Our panel of parents tested the prams over a period of several weeks with their babies, aged from three weeks to three months old.

The Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 Special Edition All-in-One Travel System is our pick of the best pram, based on our parent reviews. It looks like a top-of-the-range premium pram but has a pocket-friendly price tag. Plus, it comes with literally everything you need to get out and about from the day your baby arrives. We love the stylish, distinctive design of this pram, the plushness of the carrycot, and the fact that it’s so easy to fold.

1. Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 Special Edition All-in-One Travel System with ISOFIX base

A classy travel system bundle at an unbeatable price – our choice for the best pram overall

Credit: Ickle Bubba best pram

Star rating: | Weighs: 7.1kg (chassis) | Suitable for: birth – 22kg (approx. 4 years)


Stylish design
A dream to push
Good value for money
Pricey but an investment buy

This is the full package when it comes to a complete travel system suitable from birth. It comes with a lie-flat carrycot and a reversible pushchair seat suitable from six month. Also included is a Galaxy 0+ car seat (and Isofix base) worth £179 and suitable from birth to 13kgs / 12-15 months. In addition, you get a changing bag and window sunshades for your car.

The pram is both supremely stylish and great value for money. We love the premium fabrics and the classy colour options. Not to mention the fact that you can choose which chassis to go for – the bronze is stunning and definitely gets our vote.

“The Stomp V4 is a dream to push and looks very sleek and stylish,” says our parent reviewer Johanna Hewitson, mum to three-month-old Georgia. “It glides along and has an ‘off-road’ feature which makes walking over the grass a lot less bumpy. The adjustable handle is great for shorter-than-average mums like me and makes the pram even more comfortable to push. I was especially impressed with the leatherette handle and bumper bars. They’re easy to wipe-clean – always a brilliant feature where children are involved.”

Johanna’s baby fell asleep quickly in this pram and looked particularly cosy. Johanna loves the quilted newborn carrycot liner and the way the lined hood extends. It creates a den-like atmosphere for her baby. “I was impressed to learn that the hood offers 50 UPF sun protection, and the extra-large shopping basket is a welcome bonus,” she adds.

This is our choice of the best pram for a newborn or toddler because it comes with literally everything you need to get out and about with your baby from day one – but you won’t need a second mortgage to pay for it. Choosing a complete travel system package like this takes all the hassle out of shopping for a pram. You won’t need to look around for extras like a compatible car seat, or shell out yet more cash on a carrycot. All the extras and accessories are included and it’s built to last but still great value. Top marks!

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2. Silver Cross Wave

A beautiful, luxurious travel system designed to grow with your family – the best premium pram, in our view

Credit: Silver Cross

Star rating: | Weighs: 17.7kg | Suitable for: birth – 25kg (approx. 6 years)


Light and easy to push
Separate carrycot and seat units
Lovely and comfy for baby
Pricey but an investment buy

The Silver Cross Wave has a new, streamlined design that’s 1kg lighter than the previous model. This is a beautifully crafted pram that’s as versatile as could be. It’s cleverly designed to adapt to your family’s changing needs. You can use it as a single pram or convert it to a double. This means you can accommodate a baby and a toddler at the same time. It’s perfect if you’re a first-time mum thinking of adding to your family and want to ‘future-proof’ your pram. It’s also ideal if you’re expecting your second baby but have a toddler who still needs the pushchair. You can also add a tandem seat, an infant car seat, or even a second carrycot. Overall, you can create 30 different configurations for carrying a baby, siblings, or twins.

With the addition of a ride-on board, you could even carry three children at once. The Wave also has multi-terrain wheels and independent suspension for excellent handling on all types of terrain. This means you can move seamlessly between the park and the pavement.

Johanna Hewitson, mum to Georgia, three months, says: “I fell in love with this pram on sight. It certainly lives up to the manufacturer’s claim that it’s both beautiful and luxurious. The finishing touches make it look so smart and chic. My husband also fell in love with it when he realised the carrycot and pushchair seat are two separate frames. That means no fiddly assembly for him when setting it up or switching from carrycot to pushchair!”

Our tester likes the fact that the carrycot is positioned high enough to allow easy access to the shopping basket, and there’s plenty of space for storing shopping. The Silver Cross Wave also comes with a separate storage bag for each of the rain covers (one for the carrycot and one for the pushchair seat), and each seat comes with an insect net.

“The inside of the carrycot is lovely and padded, and my daughter was definitely comfortable,” says Johanna. “I noticed her pressing her hands into the sides so she clearly liked the feel of it. Also, the zip-on cover is really easy to pop on and off.”

If you’re looking for a really luxurious pram for your newborn and don’t mind paying extra for first-class craftsmanship, the Silver Cross Wave is the best pram for you. Built to stand the test of time, it’s a perfect choice if your family hasn’t finished growing yet.

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3. Graco Transform 2-in-1 Pramette to Pushchair

A versatile pram/pushchair at an unbeatable price – our choice for the best budget pram

Credit: Graco

Star rating: | Weighs: 15.8kg | Suitable for: birth – 22kg (approx. 4 years)


Great value for money
Large, thoughtfully designed basket
Sturdy apron that’s useable as child grows

Tricky to assemble initially
Minimal suspension

If you’re looking for a hassle-free set of wheels that converts from a pramette for a newborn to a toddler-friendly pushchair, this is it. Compatible with the Graco SnugEssential i-Size car seat, the Graco Transform 2-in-one Pramette to Pushchair comes with a cosy newborn liner, a pushchair seat, an apron, and a rain cover included.

The seat has three recline settings for comfy naps when you’re on the go. There’s a spacious shopping basket, lockable front swivel wheels, and a mesh window in the hood for keeping a close eye on your baby. When folded, this pram is compact and free-standing.

Natasha Henderson, mum to Montgomery, 13 weeks, says: “Having a baby means an explosion in the amount of stuff you have to find space for, so I immediately liked the concept of a pram that converts to a pushchair – it means you don’t need to find space to store a separate carrycot once your baby outgrows it, and the seat is extremely simple and straightforward to convert from bassinet to upright pushchair seat.”

The pramette offers less suspension than other prams, but that’s not a feature you’re likely to miss unless you do lots of off-road walks. Folding this initially took a bit of practice and definitely requires two hands but, once mastered, it’s straightforward to fold. We like the fact that you can fold the frame with the pramette in place or – when using the pushchair – with the seat unit facing in either direction. That’s so much handier than having to remove the seat unit before you can fold the pram.

Our tester particularly liked the accessories. “The thick, sturdy apron has a long fold-down flap so it can keep a small baby really sheltered from the elements,” she says. “This pram also has the best shopping basket of all the prams I tested – it’s spacious and a good shape so things don’t tumble out when you mount a steep curb.

The basket is also really accessible and easy to pop things in and out of, without dodging the swinging legs of a toddler or risking a muddy welly to the face! The pramette also passed the ‘going around a corner on the bus’ test with flying colours.”

As for the price tag, our tester expected this to be at least £300. Wrong! It’s a brilliant affordable buy – the best pram for those on a budget. This is a sturdy, straightforward pram at an excellent price compared to other similar pram models.

4. Ickle Bubba Eclipse

A thoughtfully-designed travel system with an integrated toddler ride-on board

Credit: Ickle Bubba Eclipse

Star rating: | Weighs: 8.6kg | Suitable for: 0-22kg (approx. 4 years)


Carrycot and upright seat included
Integrated ride-on board for toddlers
Well-designed for hassle-free use
Flimsy rain cover
Ride-on board is quite narrow

This cleverly-designed travel system impressed our parent tester from the moment it arrived. The box was so compact that she thought there must be further boxes to follow. Wrong – it’s just cleverly designed so that the carrycot (suitable from birth to six months) and the pushchair seat (suitable from six months up to around for years) are interchangeable on the pushchair frame. This also means that storing the carrycot (or the seat, while the carrycot is in use) isn’t a headache as they’re both pretty compact.

That said, the Eclipse isn’t the most compact pram you’ll find, but that didn’t bother our tester. ‘The Ickle Bubba Eclipse has a larger footprint than other more compact prams, but it suits our town and country lifestyle perfectly, absorbing bumps during off-road woodland walks as easily as it handles shiny shop floors and busy pavements, explains mum Catherine Hudson, who tested the Ickle Bubba Eclipse with her daughter, Iris.

Our favourite feature of the Ickle Bubba Eclipse is the integrated ride-on board which makes this the perfect travel system for a growing family. A big brother or sister can hop on board any time they want to give their legs a rest from walking.

Our tester also remarked on all the thoughtful little design details on this pram which make it really enjoyable to use. From the adjustable handle and puncture-proof tyres to ‘memory buttons’ that make it quick and easy to attach and release the carrycot or seat unit, everything on the Eclipse seems to have been thoughtfully designed to make life easier for mums and dads.

The Eclipse comes with the carrycot and pushchair seat included, but if you drive you can also opt for an all-in-one bundle with the i-size Mercury car seat, or the Group 0+ Galaxy rear-facing car seat.

Read our full Ickle Bubba Eclipse review to see if it’s the best pram for you.

5. Inglesina Aptica System Quattro

A complete travel system with a luxurious carrycot

Credit: Inglesina

Star rating: | Weighs: 11.5kg | Suitable for: birth – 22kg


Adjustable carrycot angle
Carrycot suitable for overnight sleeping
Smooth ride on all terrain
Heavy to lift
Not ideal for small car boots


This travel system comes with all the accessories you could possibly need – the chassis, bassinet (suitable for overnight sleeping) with stand, pushchair seat, and even a car seat, along with an Isofix base. We love that a folding carrycot stand is included too – so handy for extending your baby’s nap when you get home after a trip out. The large wheels are designed to cope with all kinds of terrain.

The seat is reversible and it’s possible to fold this pram with one hand, and with the seat facing either direction. The height-adjustable handlebar is a great feature for parents of different heights. The pram comes with the Darwin i-Size car seat with an Isofix base, which meets the very latest ECE R129 car seat safety regulations.

Jill Bragg put this pram to the test with her newborn daughter, Grace. She says the carrycot and car seat both fit onto the frame easily. Although the pushchair seat can be reclined for use from birth, she preferred using the carrycot as it’s so spacious and the lying angle can be adjusted to suit babies with reflux, who may not like lying completely flat.

“The bassinet is really soft and the padding looks very comfy, plus it has ventilation so it’s suitable for overnight sleeping or use on a hot day,” says our tester. Gill. “The storage is great – there’s a zip-up pouch at the bottom to store things like hand gel, as well as the roomy shopping basket. The pram is a very smooth ride for my baby, thanks to the large wheels, and it handled different types of terrain pretty well. When folded, the pram handle doesn’t touch the floor due to the standing legs – this was great when I was folding it up on a wet day.”

Some prams seem to have been designed for either the parent or the child, but our tester feels this pram has been engineered with the needs of both in mind. “The cupholder attached to the frame is a nice feature – just as much thought seems to have gone into details like that and the storage pocket as into elements for the baby, like the padding and adjustable functionality. It’s a very impressive and well-thought-out pram.”

You’ll need a large car boot and plenty of hallway space to store this pam, but it’s ideal for babies with reflux and anyone who wants a truly smooth, luxurious ride for their baby. “This would appeal to someone who wants all the bells and whistles the best pram can offer,” adds Jill.

6. iCandy Peach Phantom

A luxurious travel system that converts to a double pushchair

Credit: iCandy

Star rating: | Weighs: 10.4kg | Suitable for: birth – 25kg (approx. 6 years)


Smooth to push
Comfortable for baby
Shopping basket is restricted

This sleek but robust travel system comes with a luxurious, fleece-lined carrycot that’s suitable for overnight sleeping. That adds real value as it means you don’t need to bring a travel cot with you when you’re away from home with your baby overnight.

The aluminium pushchair frame is compatible with selected car seats to create a travel system, making light work of moving your baby between the car and the pram.

You can convert this pram to a double pushchair if you buy the additional converter kit. The pram has an adjustable handlebar and a reversible pushchair seat that can be reclined with one hand – useful if your baby nods off in the pram. There’s also an adjustable calf rest for tired little legs, and it’s easy to fold with one hand and free-standing when folded for easy storage – ideal if you’re short on space in the hallway.

Our tester is Johanna Hewitson, mum to Georgia, three months. She says: “This pram looks very stylish and elegant, and offers a really smooth ride. The lining on the carrycot cover is beautifully soft, but it has to be attached with a zip, which is quite fiddly. The large canopy and carrycot apron meant my daughter was so cosy and well-covered that we didn’t actually need to use the rain cover when we got caught in some light rain – although it will be very useful in heavier downpours.”

Our tester thinks the shopping basket looks very spacious, but she struggled to get her shopping in as the carrycot is so low, restricting access to the basket. “I think this will be less of an issue once the pram is converted to a pushchair as access will be easier, but it’s worth bearing in mind if you’re opting for this pram because of the large shopping basket,” she says.

Other standout features of this pram are the puncture-proof PU tyres – no terrain is off limits – and the handy storage pockets on the back of the seat unit for stashing your purse and keys.

This pram is available at John Lewis in grey twill, terracotta, and navy check priced £899.10. These colours, as well as the light grey check, are also available at iCandy, priced at £999.

7. Mamas and Papas Ocarro

A sleek yet sturdy travel system

Credit: Mamas & Papas

Star rating: | Weighs: 13.7kg | Suitable for: birth – 22kg (approx. 4 years)


Chunky wheels for all-terrain
Comfy, cosy and looks great
Safe, sturdy and reliable
It’s heavy
Bassinet restricts access to the basket

The Mamas and Papas Ocarro is a premium pushchair designed for use from birth to toddlerhood. It’s a breeze to assemble, tackles different surfaces with ease, and feels sturdy, safe, and secure.

Rohese Devereux, mum to Lemba, 11 weeks, says: “With its plush accessories, faux leather trims, and smoothness at negotiating corners, the Ocarro is the high-end sports car of the pushchair world. It’s easy to assemble and it folds easily, even with the seat unit attached. The chassis is heavy and those with smaller car boots might struggle to squeeze it in – the fit was snug in a Volkswagen Polo, and we had to remove the parcel shelf. It’s also a bit of a struggle alone to get the whole thing (plus a baby) up and down steps to the car, so it’s best suited to those living in a house with direct access to the car, rather than in a flat.”

This isn’t the most compact pram you’ll find, but it can easily manage narrow shop aisles and its sturdiness makes it feel reliable and safe. The hood can be pulled right down almost to the baby’s feet for sun protection or a snooze. The changing bag is roomy and can be worn over the shoulder or as a rucksack, and the footmuff kept our tester’s baby warm in the Scottish autumn wind.

The basket is a good size and would easily fit a day’s groceries but it’s hard to access with the bassinet attached. While it’s a bit of an effort to push this uphill due to its weight, our tester found the ride smooth for her baby. “The pram can easily be negotiated around corners and over bumps,” she says. “It tackled cobbles easily without my baby waking up, and the swivel wheels mean off-road surfaces only require a little extra expenditure of effort.”

Although this is an expensive option, our tester feels it represents good value for money. “It looks, feels, and handles like a luxury item. Ease of use, the comfort of the seat unit and bassinet, and well-designed features like the extended sunshade, air vents, head pillow, and big basket make this a brilliant buy. Considering it can be used for city and country walks, or even a bit off off-roading, it’s well worth the price.”

8. ABC Salsa 4

A supremely manoeuvrable pram for off-road adventures

Credit: ABC Design

Star rating: | Weighs: 14kg | Suitable for: birth – 22kg (approx. 4 years)


Visual wow factor
Very well engineered, especially the suspension
Massive extendable hood for both pram and seat unit
Needs a large car boots
Basket tricky to access

The Salsa 4 by ABC Design is a contemporary pram with swivel front wheels, a reversible seat unit, and a bassinet suitable for overnight sleeping. It’s light and stylish and folds to a neat size for travel use or easy storage. Large air-filled tyres and integrated suspension offer a really smooth ride, even off-road.

Natasha Henderson, mum to Montgomery, 13 weeks, liked the “large and beautifully padded” seat, which felt safe and supportive enough for her newborn son or for her 20kg daughter. She says: “This pram oozes stability and feels well-engineered. It was very easy to assemble and it’s easy to fold – and surprisingly compact when folded. It felt massive compared to my usual pram and although it’s relatively easy to manoeuvre, it was tricky to steer around narrow corners in my local shop. But the suspension is great – my baby usually wakes up if anyone so much as opens a bag of crisps across the road but he didn’t stir when we went off-road with this.”

There’s a large shopping basket but access is a little restricted. “Space to put things through is relatively small with a tricky angle of access – you couldn’t fit a large pack of nappies or an unexpected ‘middle aisle’ German supermarket purchase in the basket,” says Natasha. She was, however, impressed by how well this pram handles, especially on public transport. “Many buggies you have to hold onto on the bus when going round corners as the brakes are not up to the job, but this passed the bus brake test with flying colours – this bad boy did not budge!” she says.

“This is definitely the SUV of the buggy world: it’s big, looks pretty flash, and would appeal to parents who value good style and are happy to pay extra for that lux appearance and solid engineering. It’s perfect if you live near cobbled streets as they’ll be beautifully absorbed by the excellent suspension.”

This is an especially good choice f0r a first-time parent looking for a robust pram that feels both solid and luxurious, but you’ll need plenty of storage space in your home and car.

9. Uppababy Cruz V2

A stylish, streamlined travel system, this compact pushchair is a dream to fold

Credit: Uppababy

Star rating: | Weighs: 11.6kg | Suitable for: birth – 22kg (approx. 4 years)


Huge basket
Extendable handle
Very fast and easy to fold and unfold
Not great off-road

Our tester Rohese Devereux, mum to Lemba, 11 weeks, found this a practical yet stylish pram that made moving around with her newborn baby hassle-free. She says: “This pram is sturdy enough to feel safe and secure but light enough to tackle every urban landscape. Although heavy to carry when folded, the chassis is incredibly quick and easy to open and fold. It’s designed to stand when folded, which is handy for storing and travelling.”

Despite its weight, the Cruz feels light and nippy to push, and seamlessly navigated the one-way system of a Scandinavian interiors store like a dream. “Tilting the pushchair to mount pavements is easy, and can even be done with one hand,” adds Rohese.

The bassinet is deep and comfy with padded lining and a padded, zippable cover to keep little ones warm. The bassinet attachment fits on the frame easily and comes off smoothly thanks to a button on top of the hood. The thick fabric is stylish but practical too, offering extra protection against wind and cold weather. The bassinet hood has vents that can be uncovered during warm weather to allow air to circulate, and houses a UV sunshade tucked inside that folds right down to the bassinet cover.

One of the standout features of this pram is its spacious, easily accessible shopping basket. There’s enough space for groceries, rain covers, and a changing bag – with room to spare. Our tester also likes the extendable handle – a useful feature for taller parents. This pram has good suspension and tackles puddles, sand, grass, and small bumps easily. “Rougher terrain and uneven ground presented more of a challenge, says Rohese. “The heaviness came in to play when trying to push it up steep inclines, but the swivel wheels were very easy to lock and unlock with a push button.”

This is a stylish but reliable pushchair that offers maximum comfort for your baby whilst being easy and intuitive for parents to operate.

10. Cosatto Giggle Quad

A compact and stylish pram for design-lovers

Credit: Cosatto

Star rating: | Weighs: 11.3kg | Suitable for: birth – 20kg (approx. 3.5 years)


Gorgeous print – babies love it
Compact and easy to operate
Good design for tall parents
Less suited to off-road
Folding and unfolding it isn’t seamless
Fixed handle height

The Cosatto Giggle Quad is a light and compact pram in a bold, striking print.

“It was lovely to see my daughter captivated by the Fika Forest print, which features white, blue, yellow, and grey trees on the inside of the bassinet, seat unit, and hoods,” says Rohese Devereux, mum to Lemba, 11 weeks. “The compact chassis makes doorways, bus aisles, and narrow paths easily navigable. The bassinet has a deep, soft mattress that my daughter was comfortable on immediately, and the suspended bassinet rocked slightly during walks or when stationary, so she was comforted to sleep or calmed easily.”

The chassis is quite heavy to lift and awkward to unfold, according to Rohese, but it handles curbs and steps easily. “It was also easy to assemble and I appreciated that much of it was already built on arrival, so less faffing around,” she says. “It comes with a little toy to hang from the bumper bar, which is a thoughtful touch. Overall the Giggle Quad is very nippy – it moves and swivels like a four-wheeled suitcase – and can easily be pushed with one hand.”

Our tester particularly liked the shape of the frame, which means the baby is close to whoever is pushing the pram – and the baby has a great view. “This was a game-changer for two tall parents who usually have to bend low to speak to and reach our baby,” she says.

“The Quad is brilliant on pavements and smooth road surfaces but it struggled a little on grass and loose stones. Unfolding it was not seamless either, as the wheels would often catch in the basket so the pram wouldn’t pop open. But overall, this is a lovely, well-thought-out pushchair that’s good value for money. My daughter really enjoyed journeys in it and was very comfortable.”

11. Cybex Balio S Lux

A sleek ‘luxe’ pram packed with plenty of practical features

Credit: Cybex Balio S Lux

Star rating: | Weighs: 11.7kg | Suitable for: birth – 22kg (approx. four years)


Excellent suspension
Wheels cope with all-terrain
Fabulous XXL hood

One-handed fold is a bit tricky

With a spacious seat that reclines to an ergonomic lie-flat position, the Balios S Lux is an elegant 4-in-1 travel system that can take a seat unit, an infant car seat, and the Cot S or Cocoon S carrycots. It’s self-standing when folded for easy storage, and designed to fold with one hand.

Natasha Henderson, mum to Montgomery, 16 weeks, found it easy to assemble and describes it as ‘having luxe energy without being flashy’. She says: “When I unclipped the front wheels it was suitably agile to swerve past a gang of teenagers at the bus stop without breaking my stride. The suspension is awesome, even on cobblestones, and my little chap snoozed peacefully.”

“The rear wheel brake is responsive and ‘flip flop friendly’ so you can use it without mashing your toes in the summer, but I loved the hood. It’s a bit tricky to get on but once you’ve done it – oh my! The fabric is SPF50 and it’s a good size but there is an extra flap that folds out at the front to deal with low-hanging winter sun. There is also a secret extension compartment that you can unzip and it folds right over to aid naps on the move. The hood even nails the viewing flap – it opens silently and the mesh is the perfect size to enable you to check on your little one without risking eye contact when they’re nodding off.”

The seat is easy to recline, even if you’ve only got one hand free. However, our tester found the one-handed fold feature a bit trickier to get to grips with. “It has taken me a couple of attempts with both hands to pull this off. But I imagine this is a technique that improves over time. It’s also quite heavy considering it’s supposed to be foldable with one hand. The marketing video shows a woman carrying it like a handbag whilst wearing heels and walking normally. But she must have epic core strength. I was staggering a little in my flats and was not able to swing it into the boot with one hand! Once folded it does stand well, but you have to remember to lock the front wheels. It’s very easy to unfold.”

Another selling point is the shopping basket. “It’s big enough for when there is an unexpected offer on a mega multipack of nappies, and you can get into it from either end side with both the carrycot and the pushchair in place,” says Natasha. “The carrycot has a lovely thick apron that looks and feels warm and secure. Similarly, the padding for the pushchair is extra plush, giving a real sense of snugness and security.”

This is a cleverly and thoughtfully designed pushchair that’s more agile than our tester expected. “It’s the Tesla Model 3 of the pram world,” she says. “Good engineering and a luxe appearance combine to create a great pram that’s spacious for little ones but compact enough to be practical for parents.”

12. Didofy Cosmos

A premium travel system that folds easily with one hand

Credit: Didofy

Star rating: | Weighs: 9kg| Suitable for: birth – 22kg (approx. 4 years)


One-handed fold
Extendable hood
Minimal suspension

This is the BMW i8 of the buggy world, according to our tester. She feels it must have been designed by parents, for parents. “It’s agile with good attention to practical detail and clever design features,” says Natasha Henderson. She’s mum to Montgomery, 13 weeks, and Alberta, three years. “It doesn’t have a very ‘luxe’ appearance but the brilliant one-handed fold makes up for that. I really like how compact it is, too.”

The initial assembly was slightly fiddly with multiple zips and poppers, but after a couple of tries, everything was in place. “I really like the high arch of the hood over the carrycot with factor 50 sun protection,” says Natasha. “The pushchair seat has an extendable hood too, which is fab, and the vent/viewing screen is secured with a magnet so it’s silent – perfect for peeping at your little one without the dreaded eye contact that can startle a nap-resistant baby awake!”

The shopping basket is a good size. It’s also accessible from both sides of the pram, and can easily hold a changing bag plus groceries. The truly luxurious padding in the carrycot particularly impressed our tester, along with the fact that the pram can be folded with the reversible seat facing in either direction. “Most buggies require the seat to face a specific way for folding,” she explains. “That’s a massive faff if it’s not the way your baby prefers. So this feature means less hassle when getting the pram in and out of the car.”

“This pram is really nifty to manoeuvre with one hand. I easily steered it around the aisles of my local supermarket without taking out the chocolate display. The one-handed fold really lives up to the hype, too. At the squeeze of a button, it smoothly swings in at a speed that does not affect your balance if you’re also holding a baby, a change bag, or a cup of coffee. Having said that, I expected more from the suspension. When I went over a little ‘off-road’ section where I live, my baby wiggled and jiggled with every bump.”

Can you put a newborn in a pram?

Absolutely, yes. When they’re not in your arms, newborn babies need to lie flat instead of sitting upright or in angled pram seats. So a pram with carrycot is perfect for a newborn. Lying flat is essential for young babies because it helps them to breathe normally without restricting airflow. Lying flat is also important for the healthy development of your baby’s spine and hips.

You can put a newborn baby in a pram if it has a carrycot or lie-flat seat suitable from birth. Carrycots, sometimes called bassinets, are usually suitable for use until your baby is around six months old, at which point you can remove the carrycot and replace it with the pushchair seat unit. Don’t move your baby out of the carrycot and into the pushchair seat too soon. Wait until your baby can sit up unaided before replacing the carrycot with the pushchair seat.

Instead of a carrycot, some prams have pushchair seats that can recline to a lie-flat angle to make them suitable for newborns. The advantage of this type of pram is that you don’t have to store a bulky carrycot once your baby outgrows it. However, if you choose one of these, make sure the seat reclines to be fully flat and check that it is suitable for use from birth.

If you choose a travel system – that’s a pushchair frame that you can attach a car seat to – make sure that your baby does not sit in the car seat for prolonged periods and never for more than 2 hours. It’s safest for babies under six months to lie flat in a pram, and a car seat should not be used instead of a carrycot.

Can babies sleep in pram bassinets overnight?

No. The safest place for your baby to sleep for the first six months of her life is in a cot or crib of her own in the same room as you.

However, some of the best prams come with bassinets that can be attached to the pushchair frame and used as a carrycot to allow your baby to lie flat in the pram. Some of these bassinets are tested and approved for overnight sleeping. You should not use a pram bassinet for overnight sleeping unless it’s expressly designed to be used in that way.

Some pram bassinets are only appropriate for ‘occasional’ overnight sleeping such as overnight visits and short trips. Others can be used for permanent overnight sleeping. Check before you buy and don’t be tempted to let your baby sleep in the pram unless the manufacturer says it’s safe to do so. If you do use a pram bassinet for overnight sleeping, follow all the usual safe sleep guidelines.

How to choose the best pram for your baby

Choose your pram wisely, and you’ll end up with something which will make your life that little bit easier. First, think about where you live. If it’s an urban environment, choose a pram designed for city living. The frame, officially called the chassis, should be light and compact. That ensures you can easily lift it into your car boot or fit it on public transport. Go for swivel wheels to help you steer around confined spaces like narrow shop aisles and crowded streets. If you live in a rural environment, you’ll need all-terrain wheels that can cope with muddy walks and off-road adventures.

Next, consider how light and compact you need the pram to be. Especially if you’ll be lifting it in and out of the car boot or taking it on buses or trains. A robust, heavy frame might feel lovely and sturdy to push, but it’s not fun to lift. Size matters too, of course. If your car boot or hallway isn’t huge, choose a pram that’s compact when folded. Many prams are designed to be free-standing when folded. That’s handy as you can tuck them neatly out of the way without tripping over them.

Other practicalities to consider when shopping for a pram? The size of the shopping basket – the bigger, the better. And how easily the pram folds – the simpler, the better. Can you fit a packet of nappies in the basket and still have room for your change bag plus some milk and bread? Bonus points for any pram that can be folded with one hand. You’ll be surprised how much you’ll appreciate being able to do so when you’re caught in a downpour and have to dash back to the car or hop on the bus unexpectedly.

Best pram at a glance

Best pram: Ickle Bubba Stomp V4 All-in-One – £499| Ickle Bubba
Best premium pram: Silver Cross Wave – £995 | Amazon
Best budget pram: Graco Transform 2-in-1 Pramette – £174.99 | Amazon
Ickle Bubba Eclipse – £599 | Ickle Bubba
Inglesina Aptica System Quattro – £989 | Olivers Baby Care
iCandy Peach – £999 | John Lewis
Mamas & Papas Ocarro – £899 | Mamas & Papas
ABC Design Salsa 4 – £699 | Kiddies Kingdom
Uppababy Cruz V2 with MESA iSize car seat – £739.99 | Mamas & Papas
Cosatto Giggle Quad – £549.95| Cosatto
Cybex Balio S Lux – £419.95 | John Lewis
Didofy Cosmos – Kiddies Kingdom | £332.50

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