Kate Middleton and Prince William just shared a rare romantic moment in public

Kate Middleton and Prince William shared a romantic, movie-like moment at the Commonwealth service and left royal fans swooning.

Kate and William were joined by Prince Charles and Camilla as they attended the Commonwealth service on Monday 14th March.
Unfortunately, as they made to leave, it began to rain and Kate’s hands were too full to hold an umbrella but what William did next left fans delighted.
This royal news comes after Prince Charles left Camilla in stitches as he struggled to pull a pint of Guinness.

Prince William and Kate Middleton shared a romantic movie moment after attending the Commonwealth Service at Westminster Abbey this week. 

The couple reunited with Prince Charles and Camilla, with Kate showing her close bond towards the Duchess and soon-to-be Queen Consort with an “act of inconvenience”. Sadly the Queen was unable to attend after being told to pace herself after suffering mild Covid-19 symptoms.

As Kate and William began to leave to greet royal fans it began to rain. Kate was offered an umbrella but declined as she was already carrying her gloves, handbag, and a bouquet of flowers.

Pictures from the day show William making a very romantic gesture in response. Fans were left swooning after William was spotted coming to the rescue and holding an umbrella above his wife’s head to prevent her from getting wet.

Kate was seen beaming at him as they continued down the Abbey stairs and greeting well-wishers. This is just one of the many examples of Kate and William being ‘couple goals’ and they’re gear up to celebrate their 11th wedding anniversary next month. 

Fans took to Twitter praising William’s gesture, calling him a real “gentleman”. One Tweeted, “Catherine declined to use an umbrella, but William is a concerned husband.”

While another added, “This makes me smile. Small thoughtful gestures are the building blocks of a deeply loving, stable relationship.”

With a third commenting, “Love these two.  Simply perfect together.”

The royal couple often delight fans with subtle romantic moments. From pictures of them gazing into each other’s eyes to William surprising Kate on Valentine’s Day.

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