Prince George takes a leaf out of mum Kate’s book as he shows he ‘has what it takes’ for future royal role

Prince George seems to have taken a leaf out of mum Kate Middleton’s book as he’s reportedly shown he “has what it takes” to take on his future role.

Prince George seems to have followed in the Duchess of Cambridge’s footsteps and grown in confidence in recent years.
It’s now been claimed that the future King has become “assertive” and “self-assured”.
This royal news comes as Zara Tindall and her husband Mike showed a rare PDA on a sweet day out.

Over the years as the Cambridge kids have grown up, some have suggested that Prince George and Charlotte had opposite personalities. Whilst Charlotte’s “feisty” personality has often been showcased, her big brother has often been seen as being more shy. As the future King and third in the royal line of succession, George faces a future full of huge responsibilities. So much so that reports have claimed Prince William and Kate Middleton waited for a “controlled moment” to tell him he’s set to be King one day.

But despite the suggestions that George isn’t quite as comfortable in the limelight as his sister, it’s now been claimed that he very much “has what it takes” to become the monarch.

Opening up to Us Weekly, a source has expressed their belief that eight-year-old George’s confidence has grown massively. Not only that, but he’s reportedly learnt to speak his mind and knows exactly “what he wants”. 

“His confidence has grown leaps and bounds over the last couple of years,” the source alleged. “He is assertive, self-assured and knows what he wants, and doesn’t hold back on speaking his mind. His personality is really starting to shine.”

The insider went on to claim that “Prince George is already showing that he has what it takes to be the future King of England” and added that he’s “incredibly tidy” and “immaculate”.

Despite George’s confidence, however, the source added that “Kate and William don’t want to see him grow up too quickly”.

The insider suggested that, “[t]hey’re determined to give him as much of a normal childhood as possible and it’s working wonders. He’s such a lovable, down-to-earth little boy. … It’s clear Prince William and Kate are raising him well.”

If the oldest Cambridge child has indeed grown in confidence, then he could be seen as following in his mum Kate’s footsteps. Despite being a prominent member of The Firm, body language Darren Stanton has reflected on her early days as a royal on behalf of Slingo.

He’s suggested that Kate has “arguably evolved over time in the spotlight” after showing some signs of anxiety at engagements at first. 

“Now, it’s very clear that Kate is less reliant on William and even when out with him, she maintains a subtle distance from her husband – proving she is more than capable of holding her own,” the expert alleged.

Last month Kate appeared relaxed as she let loose on a slide at work in Copenhagen on a solo engagement. Whilst the Duchess confidently channelled Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth in her 40th birthday portraits in January. 

As Prince George prepares for his future role, it’s lovely to think that he’s making the same journey to become more confident like his mum Kate.

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