Kate Middleton’s ‘awkward’ experience in early days of William love story that would ‘never happen now’

Kate Middleton was once left standing alone at a royal birthday party in the early days of her and Prince William’s relationship, according to a former royal butler. 

Kate and William married in 2011 but just three years before the wedding, when they were boyfriend and girlfriend, Kate suffered an awkward moment at a royal party. 
Former butler, Grant Harrold, shared the surprising story and remarked on just how times have changed
This royal news comes after Kate Middleton and Prince William paid tribute to the Queen with ‘remarkable’ old photos.

Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and wife of future King, Prince William, was once ‘left alone’ at a party because royal guests did not recognise her.

The mother-of-three is now globally beloved and celebrated for her fashion sense, relatable parenting style, and down-to-earth personality. However, according to former royal butler, Grant Harrold, Kate was left looking ‘awkward’ and all-alone at Prince Charles’ 60th birthday bash. 

Harrold explained that despite the party being held less than three years before William and Kate married in 2011, guests at the royal do did not recognise her or try to speak to her.

He recounted to MyLondon, “There was a marquee and everything, I remember Kate was standing in the middle on her own. 

“And nobody was talking to her or going near her because they didn’t know who she was or recognise her. I went over and chatted to her while we waited for Will to come in and it was quite sweet.”

Harrold then remarked on what a funny and surprising story this is today in light of Kate’s huge populatiry, remaking, “Now – could you imagine Kate in the middle of a room and no one speaking to her? It’ just wouldn’t happen, she’d be mobbed!”

Despite making lifelong sacrifices in marrying William, and giving up her ‘quiet life’ Kate is well on her way to becoming the ‘ultimate Queen’, with experts claiming that she was thriving and radiating confidence on her recent solo trip to Denmark and calling her ‘the perfect advert’ for the monarchy.

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