Prince William’s ‘constant strain’ sparked by ‘stubbornness and regret’

Prince William is said to be feeling “constant strain” over his and Prince Harry’s fall-out, with the brothers’ stubborn nature making it something they both can’t forget about, according to a royal expert. 

Prince William and Prince Harry are thought to have been at odds for months amid of an ongoing rift between them, sparked by Harry’s exit from the royal family. 
Now royal expert Duncan Larcombe says that the rift is not something William can “just forget about” as they are both “stubborn as mules”.
This royal comes after it was revealed Queen once ‘shrieked with laughter’ at a very rude joke royal aides tried to stop her hearing

Royal expert Duncan Larcombe claims the worsening rift with Harry is a “constant strain” on Prince William, who is believed to be feeling the absence of his brother in his life.

There have been reports of a royal rift in the family ever since the Sussexes stepped back as senior royals and gave their bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

Things have since only grown more tenuous after Harry announced that he is set to release a tell-all memoir that experts warn is driven by betrayal to uncover childhood trauma.

Larcombe told OK, “It’s very clear to those that know William that the rift with his brother is not something that he can just forget about. It’s very much, as you can imagine, a constant strain. It is for Harry as well, they’re both as stubborn as mules. 

“That’s not great when two best friends and brothers fall out. If anybody knows what it’s like to fall out with a best friend or a brother who was close to you when you were growing up, it’s not nice. You miss them. There is a lot of regret there and I think it’s on both sides.”

He then explained how everything seemed to be going right for William for his whole life, from university to his marriage, adding, “The one thing not going right for him is something that is deeply upsetting.”

It was hoped that the brothers were set to reunite and ‘thrash it out’ after Harry made his big return to the UK for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. With William even sending subtle signs that he was ready to mend the rift. However, Harry’s plans remain uncertain.

Larcombe has warned that with, “Every week the rift continues, Harry and William are the two people who are missing out the most.”

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