Where is Kay Burley and why isn’t she on Sky News this morning?

Where is Kay Burley and why isn’t she on Sky News this morning?

Kay Burley has been notably missing from presenting her breakfast show on Sky News and viewers have started asking where she is. The 61-year-old broadcaster returned to the channel following a six-month suspension over breaking Covid rules for which she later apologised. But she was notably missing from her show on Tuesday (8th March) despite announcing on her Instagram that she was back.

We look at why the TV host is not on-air and where she might be…

Where is Kay Burley?

Kay Burley returned to present Sky News on Monday 7th March after announcing she had “been away” but just 24 hours later she is missing from screens. She uploaded a video yesterday which said, “Hello everybody, a very good morning, I am back, Tamara of course has been  in charge while I’ve been away, holding the fort while I’ve been away, who’ve we got today?” she asked. This post appears to confirm that viewers can expect the star to return to her morning hosting duties each day this week but when viewers tuned in this morning (8th March) to the breakfast news show, another journalist was hosting the show. Despite taking some time off, Kay has still been active on social media. Sharing posts and tweets with her followers, which is possibly why some are wondering why she isn’t on-air.

Why isn’t Kay Burley on Sky News?

It is though Kay Burley isn’t on Sky News this morning because she is suffering from ‘a cold’. On Monday the presenter told her Instagram followers that she she was back after having “been away” but a day later and she is missing again.

The day before her return, Kaye uploaded a cartoon image which read, “I was going to be magnificent again this week, but I’ve got a little bit of a cold, so I think I’ll just be quietly fabulous.” and she captioned it, “Back in the morning. See you then? Do hope so x”

And while she returned to Monday’s show, she is notably off air again. Her fans on Twitter are still wondering where the star is after their delight at seeing her return from her annual leave. One viewer asked, “Question this morning. Just where is @KayBurley only reporter worth watching on a morning show. ??????”

Another viewer wrote, “@SkyNews turned on to watch Kay Burley, where is she? One of our only decent journalists holding this government to account”

And a third added, “Where is Kay Burley ?? . Defence secretary is getting an easy ride this morning #skynews”

But she is still active on social media, urging her viewers to tune in to the Ukraine President tonight.

Whatever you were planning at 5pm today please try to make time to watch this instead https://t.co/L0vb4MLULv

— Kay Burley (@KayBurley) March 8, 2022

Who has replaced Kay Burley?

Journalist Saima Mohsin stood in for Kay Burley on Tuesday, 8th March show, despite the Sky News Twitter promoting the show as being Kay Burley. Saima is a TV and radio presenter and former International Correspondent. She has appeared on Sky News, ITV, CNN, C4, BBC and UN Environment Programme (UNEP)

She revealed she reported extensively on the missing Malaysian aeroplane by tweeting, “Remembering #MissingPlane #MH370 today & most days Thinking of the 239 people on board & thousands of families & friends left behind still searching for answers I covered this from the outset & every year until my illness Hoping for answers soon @cryfortruth #malaysiaairlines”

Watch live: Defence Secretary Ben Wallace and Shadow secretary of state for women and equalities Anneliese Dodds, join #KayBurley as the Home Office says a total of 300 British visas have been issued to Ukrainian refugees so far https://t.co/LqSuS9jg7E

— Sky News (@SkyNews) March 8, 2022

The Kay Burley show on Sky News is aired from 7am on Sky Freeview: 233, Freesat: 202, fSfS: 875, and online.

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