Queen once ‘shrieked with laughter’ at a very rude joke royal aides tried to stop her hearing

The Queen once howled with laughter at a very cheeky joke that palace aides tried to prevent her hearing, according to a royal insider.

The Queen is known for her sense of humour and reportedly isn’t opposed to a rather cheeky joke. 
A royal insider has revealed palace aides once tried to stop Sir Donald Gosling from finishing a particularly risque joke – but the Queen insisted on hearing the punchline.
This royal news comes after Prince William was spotted on dad duty taking Princess Charlotte to a pizza party.

The Queen is beloved for her cheeky and surprising sense of humour, even being known to pull naughty pranks on staff by pretending to sack them. It was also recently reported that she joked about never wearing nude because no one would recognise her.

Now a royal insider has detailed the moment royal aides tried to prevent Sir Donald Gosling from telling Her Majesty the end of a rather rude joke.

The royal source told MyLondon that the Queen “would relish seeing Don [Sir Donald Gosling] because she would know he always had a fresh supply of jokes, but his sense of humor was pretty salty”.

The joke that panicked palace officials involved horses, one of the Queen’s favourite animals, and despite them trying to intervene, the source said the Queen insisted on hearing the punchline.

They explained, “Don was in full flow telling her his latest joke – involving a horse trainer giving Viagra to a runner in the 2.30 at Newton Abbott. 

“The Minister put up his hand and stopped Don, obviously thinking the Queen shouldn’t be exposed to such ribaldry.”

The source continued, “Her Majesty was furious – and berated poor Mulley for ruining the joke. She made Don tell the whole joke all over again, and shrieked with laughter at the punchline, which was about the horse winning against stiff competition or something like that.”

The Queen isn’t the only royal known for their wit. Her late husband, Prince Philip would frequently make the Queen laugh by telling dry jokes, including once telling her to abdicate.

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