Prince Charles returns to place that holds painful memories of near death experience and tragic loss for bittersweet getaway

Prince Charles has returned to the place that holds painful memories of near death experience and tragic loss for a bittersweet getaway.

Prince Charles has returned to Klosters ski resort the place where he once cheated death but at the same time claimed the life of his dear friend.
The Prince of Wales went on a bittersweet getaway after his Covid-19 isolation.
This royal news comes as Kate Middleton sparks ‘jealousy’ at home during work trip without Prince William and kids.

Prince Charles has enjoyed a bittersweet break to a holiday resort that still holds painful memories 34 years on.

The Prince of Wales is reported to have travelled to the Swiss resort of Klosters to enjoy a bittersweet break before continuing with his official duties but the trip would have evoked painful memories from the fatal skiing accident that took place there in the 1980’s.

At the time, Prince Charles narrowly avoided death when there was an avalanche at the resort that claimed the life of Major Hugh Lindsay – a close friend of Charles’ and an aide to his mother Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Charles and Princess Diana were on the trip at the time of the freak accident but only Charles was on the slope during the avalanche that claimed the life of his dear friend who was found after a rigorous search. He was pronounced dead at a hospital in Davos, Switzerland.

And according to the Mail on Sunday, Prince Charles travelled back to the resort after completing self-isolation from his positive Covid test, ahead of what will be the 34th anniversary of the tragedy on March 10th.

In 1994, Prince Charles recalled the terrifying moment during a documentary. He said, “The next thing I heard was Bruno’s voice shouting ‘Jump.’ This vast, roaring mound of snow in vast blocks came crashing down round us. I’d never seen anything so terrifying in my life. A staggering maelstrom.”

Prince Charles narrowly escaped death and was airlifted off the slope but sadly his friend and former equerry to the Queen Major Hugh Lindsay was killed.

When the avalanche occurred, Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson were both in their chalet in Davos.

Royal biographers claimed the incident marked a turning point in Prince Charles and Diana’s marriage, with author Tina Brown declaring that the tragedy served as a ‘wedge, not a bridge” for the couple.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – MARCH 12: The draped coffin of Major Hugh Lindsay, carried by soldiers, returns in England with Prince Charles, Princess Diana and Sarah Ferguson, Duchess of York at RAF Northolt on March 12, 1988 in London, England. Major Lindsay was killed in an avalanche in Klosters that nearly killed the Prince. (Photo by Georges De Keerle/Getty Images)

In her book The Diana Chronicles, Tina wrote, “Diana blamed Charles for his recklessness in choosing such a hazardous run.”

And royal biographer James Whitaker supported her sentiment in his book Diana vs. Charles: Royal Blood Feud. He wrote, “The day the Klosters avalanche was triggered was the day Diana finally hardened her heart against her husband.”

In the early 2000’s Prince Charles returned to Klosters with his children Prince William and Prince Harry and posed for official royal photographs.

The Prince Of Wales, Prince William & Prince Harry Attend A Photocall In Klosters, Switzerland. . (Photo by Mark Cuthbert/UK Press via Getty Images)

But the Swiss ski resort is one of happier memories for Prince William as then-girlfriend Kate Middleton was pictured with him for the very first time in 2004.

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