Kate Middleton’s ‘unsure anxiety’ hints she hasn’t mastered Queen’s confidence

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Kate Middleton displayed signs of anxiety and a sense of being “unsure” during her solo day out in Copenhagen this week, according to a body language expert. 

Kate Middleton is visiting Denmark as part of a solo royal visit, and despite delighting royal fans, body language expert Judi James says she appears to be anxious.
Behaviour analysts say that “natural introvert” Kate hasn’t yet managed to convey the Queen’s famously stoic and confident body language.
This royal news comes after Kate let loose on her fun work day but divided royal fans who claim the Queen “wouldn’t be caught doing that”.

Kate Middleton has been taking a leading role in the Firm this week, jetting off on her own for a royal visit in Denmark, where she has delighted fans by recreating one of Princess Diana’s go-to looks.

During her trip, she has also joked about feeling ‘broody’ after meeting two parents and their baby sons at the Børnemuseet, Children’s Museum in Copenhagen.

However, despite showing off her playful side as she shot down a slide at the Lego Foundation PlayLab, body language expert Judi James says Kate also displayed a sense of anxiety during the big day out. 

She explained, “In one pose, Kate has both hands on the handle of her bag and is holding it in front of her torso in a barrier gesture that makes her look less assured than she does when she is walking with the bag hanging at her side.

Speaking to OK! magazine, she added, “And when she sits at the table for her meeting at the university, she is the one in the group sitting with her hands on her lap rather than on the table like the others, giving them the edge in terms of signals of spatial dominance and status.”

She then added, “It makes her look a little unsure, but then the world of the boardroom is not her natural habitat and hopefully she spread out a little as the meeting went on.”

It appears that future Queen Consort Kate is still learning the ropes when it comes to replicating the Queen’s strong and confident demeanour.

Speaking on the Queen’s effortlessly powerful way of carrying herself, body language expert Darren Stanton added, “Over the years, the Queen has pretty much retained the same body language her entire life.

“She has become known for sitting stoically and still, surveying situations, and speaking with a clear and crisp tone, conveying her confidence, power, and the hold she has over those that are listening to her.”

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