Kate Middleton lets loose at work as divided royal fans insist the Queen ‘wouldn’t be caught doing that’

Kate Middleton let her hair down at work as she enjoyed a ride on a slide yesterday but it’s divided royal fans who are insisting the Queen ‘wouldn’t be caught’ doing that.

Kate Middleton whizzed down a slide in a suit and heels during an official engagement to the LEGO Foundation PlayLab in Copenhagen but it has split the opinion of royal supporters.
The Duchess of Cambridge couldn’t resist experiencing the play equipment for herself and a video has gone viral.
This royal news comes after Kate Middleton’s ‘powerful’ method for ‘taking control’ of pregnancy health battle was revealed.

Kate Middleton cut loose at work by having a go at whizzing down a children’s slide in heels during her royal trip to Copenhagen.

The unexpected move has divided royal fans with some insisting the Queen “wouldn’t be caught” doing it.

The Duchess of Cambridge took a ‘risky’ move when she felt the urge to have a go on the children’s spiral metal tunnel slide during an official engagement at the LEGO Foundation PlayLab on February 22 in Copenhagen, Denmark.

Kate, 40, was on a working visit with The Royal foundation Centre for Early Childhood when she made the daredevil decision to go down the slide in front of the world’s media.

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Dressed in a red suit jacket, wide legged trousers and stiletto heels, the Duchess sped down the slide, with her legs in the air. Her heels banged on the metal slide as she came out of the bottom, narrowly missing the cameramen who were stood close by filming her moment.

As she let out a giggle and told onlookers, “You stood far enough away, in the spirit of where I am I had to do that!”

Kate is no stranger to play equipment, some fans wonder how she stays in shape being a mum of three to Prince George, eight, Princess Charlotte, six, and Prince Louis, three, but her unexpected move has divided some fans as she is the wife of husband Prince William who is second in line to the throne in royal succession.

One said, “There is nothing dignified or classy about that. The Queen won’t be caught doing that.”

Another fan put, “I’m not hating on Kate she’s having fun but thinking she’s brave and dignified for sliding down a slide … like that’s embarrassing.”

But some fans have defended the Duchess, and praised her efforts.

One fan said, “Also, how is she so elegant WHILE SLIDING DOWN A SLIDE AT GREAT SPEED. Me? I’d have landed in a heap, on the floor, on my face, in front of all of those cameras.”

Another put, “That’s some strong core she has there being able to pull her up so quick like that, and in heels! Me I would have tripped over flat on my face ”

“Catherine is brilliant. She’s fun, down-to-Earth, relatable and just unassuming,” another kind Twitter user agreed, adding, “Our wonderful future Queen Consort!”

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