Love is Blind season 2: Who is still together and are the weddings legal?

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Everyone’s talking about Love is Blind season 2 and whether couples like Deeps and Shake and Nick and Danielle are still together. We’ve done the detective work and shared the inside scoop.

Tears, heartbreak, relationship drama and some predicted runaway brides – there’s a reason Love is Blind season 2 is proving just as popular as series 1. The Netflix equivalent to Married at First Sight has us already hooked and invested in all six of the ‘blind’ pairings. So much so that fans are keen to know how these happily ever afters pan out.

We’re just one episode away from the ‘I Do’ moments, but if like us you can’t wait to learn their destiny, we’ve done some serious social media snooping to help give you an idea of their relationship status. Currently trending in Netflix’s top 10 bar, it’s proving just as popular as the documentaries on con artist Anna Delvey and the Tinder Swindler.

Love is Blind season 2: who is still together?

1. Deepti Vempati and Abhishek ‘Shake’ Chatterjee

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Are they still together? Unclear

We’ve done some social media stalking and both Deeps and Shake are keeping very tight-lipped about their relationship status. But we did notice that the two are both following each other on Instagram still. Very interesting.

Shake has received some flack from fans online for comments made about Deeps during some Love is Blind season 2 episodes. Including one less than complimentary one that she reminds him of his aunt – ouch. This being said, he shared a quote in one post about having made mistakes on the show and having grown since:

“As you watch me stumble, make mistakes, and quite frankly act a fool throughout the remainder of this season but just know this: I’m not the same person today as I was when this was filmed… and I couldn’t be more thankful for it.”

Could this be a hint that Deeps chose to forgave him anyway and they’re now living happily ever after? We’ll have to wait and see.

2. Nick Thompson and Danielle Ruhl

Credit: Netflix

Are they still together? Unclear

We’ve done some research and family members of both Nick and Danielle are following the couple on Instagram. So could the in-laws be giving us a clue here?

Nick also left a very sweet message on one of Danielle’s posts recently, where she defended her mental health and gave background insight to a scene that some have interpreted differently. “Always proud of you, your vulnerability, and your strength!,” wrote Nick. The scene in question was when the two had an argument after Nick went to the party in Mexico alone, whilst Danielle stayed in their room too ill to go.

“How I was represented on TV is not an accurate representation of who I am as a person,” she wrote. “I understand that I have things to work on, and I was in a great mental space before going on the show. However, the stressful environment brought me back to a place that I never expected. I hope that in the future everyone will get to know the real me—as a human being—and not a character on a reality TV show.”

The penultimate episode left viewers on a cliffhanger as we waited to hear Nick’s answer to the proposal. So, I guess Netflix bosses are really going to make us wait till the finale to see if these two make it.

3. Shayne Jansen and Natalie Lee

Credit: Netflix

Are they still together? Quite possibly

It’s safe to say that Shayne and Natalie haven’t exactly had the smoothest ride on the show – with Shayne’s ex-flame Shaina trying to muddy the water mid-way through. But many are really rooting for these two.

A little look at Natalie’s Instagram profile certainly shows that the two are close, as Shayne makes an appearance in a number of her stories. We particularly loved the video of the two working out together ahead of the wedding: looking all smiles (with no signs of cold feet) does this mean they made it as Mr and Mrs?

Fans are speculating that Natalie also left a very deliberate clue on one of her latest – and hilarious – Instagram posts. “He may have abs but I have ibs,” she captioned one photo of her in an irritable bowel syndrome branded sweatshirt.

Shane also shared some sweet words on his show fiancee in another post on his Instagram page. “I want to make sure everyone knows that Natalie is an incredible woman with a huge heart and I hope everyone stays tune to see how it all unfolds! I wouldn’t trade my time on this wild ride for anything. ” Natalie also responded with a love heart emoji.

As far as Love is Blind season 2 couples go – we think these two might be the most likely to still be together.

4. Iyanna McNeely and Jarrette Jones

Credit: Netflix

Are they still together? Probably not.

We’re going to call this one – a teaser trailer for the upcoming finale shows Jarrette waiting at the altar for his bride, whilst Iyanna appears to get into a black car sans wedding dress for a getaway. But could those clever Netflix producers just be setting us up?

As for social media, these two are a real head-scratcher to work out, in terms of relationship status too. Though they both follow each other, they’ve barely given anything away and haven’t commented on each others posts. Having said this, maybe Jarrette has given us another clue that things don’t work out for them…

One cryptic post is captioned: “Some things are better left unsaid…But seeing her for the first time truly left me speechless…” alongside a clip of them during their first face-to-face meeting.

Fans clearly are shipping them together though, as one commented: “Thee Best Couple from Season 2”. Fingers crossed they go the distance then.

5. Mallory Zapata and Salvador Perez

Credit: Netflix

Are they still together? Quite possibly

If you thought Iyanna and Jarrette were being quiet – then wait for Mallory and Sal. There’s no photographic proof of the two together or their journey on Love is Blind season 2. Which certainly suggests the two aren’t together. But there’s a tiny clue that might just give the pair away.

On their Instagram profiles they both list Chicago, Illinois as their hometown. So are they in fact there and living together? They’re also both following each other on Instagram which suggests no bad blood. So this relationship outcome is definitely a ‘watch this space’.

The question is could Mallory put up with Sal’s constant impromptu Ukelele performances? Sweet or overkill – we can’t work it out.

6. Shaina Hurley and Kyle Abrams

Credit: Netflix

Are they still together? No.

Fans of the show will know that these two called it quits after episode 6 of Love is Blind season 2. And it looks like the two haven’t reconciled since, with Kyle confirming on Instagram their permanent parting.

“No matter the outcome, this special bond I share with Shaina will be forever kept in mind, until the end of time,” he wrote in a long, heartfelt post.

The real sticky point for these two proved to be a lack of faith or rather Shaina’s commitment to God. She couldn’t see a future or imagine raising her kids with athiest Kyle and the romance quickly plummeted from there. Though many also credit Shaina’s continued pining for pod friend Shayne as another spanner in the works for any relationship with Kyle.

Whilst we won’t see these two on a trip down the aisle, we reckon they’ll make a reappearance in the Love is Blind season 2 finale. Filling us in on their lives and what they’ve been up to since parting ways.

When are the Love is Blind season 2 wedding episodes?

The Love is Blind season 2 weddings will air in the 10th episode, the final episode of the series. Netflix will release the wedding episode on February 25, 2022. And viewers will find out once and for all who tied the knot.

Season 1’s wedding episode proved a must-watch with one or two shock refusals at the altar, plus a runaway bride. We’re expecting the same level of drama for the season 2 nuptials. So make sure you put the date in your diary.

Are the Love is Blind weddings legally binding?

According to show creator Chris Coelen: “Yes, it’s a legally binding marriage”. So, the Love is Blind weddings we see are not just put on for the cameras.

Whilst Chris confirmed this to Bustle, there’s already some proof that the weddings are real. Take for example the successful love matches in season 1 – Lauren and Cameron and Amber and Barnett. In the show’s follow up reunion After the Altar – filmed two years on – the four of them are still happily married. And they’ve all shared loved-up snaps on Instagram commemorating their wedding anniversaries.

Who pays for the Love is Blind weddings?

It’s been confirmed that Netflix do give the Love is Blind couples a fixed budget for the weddings. But if they want to spend more, the Mr-and Mrs-to-be are expected to fork out for it.

“Of course production supplies some of the basics but because these are their real weddings, it’s up to them as to how to spend their money,” says creator Chris Coelen.

Fans who’ve watched series 1 might remember a particular argument between Amber and Barnett over the price of Amber’s wedding dress. Though it seems she got the one she wanted in the end, with the two forking out extra for it.

Amber dazzled in an over-budget mermaid gown by Anya Bridal complete with rhinestones, floral lace detailling and a plunging V neckline.


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