The Queen gives rare insight into her health as she returns to work following covid scare

Her Majesty the Queen has opened up on her health as she gives rare update during her first official engagement following her Covid scare.

The Queen has revealed she ‘can’t move’ as she is seen using a walking stick during an audience at Windsor Castle.
Her Majesty has opened up on the state of her health as she met the incoming and outgoing Defence Service Secretaries.
This royal news comes as the Queen sparks health fears with new photos as fans spot worrying detail that ‘isn’t a good sign’.

The Queen has given a rare update on her health as she returns to work following her covid scare.

Her Majesty was being monitored after it was revealed her son Prince Charles had visited her before he tested positive for Coronavirus, but having not contracted the deadly virus, she made her first public engagement at Windsor Castle.

During her official duties, the Queen opened up about her health as she met with Rear Admiral James Macleod, who was relinquishing his appointment as Defence Services Secretary and Major General Eldon Millar who takes up the role as the new Defence Services Secretary.

And during the in-person appointment with military leaders the Queen made reference to her mobility issues, which has previously seen her use a walking stick during an engagement with Princess Anne.

But in this latest visit, the Queen can be heard shouting ‘I’M HERE’ as she indicates for the visitors to enter the room before telling them, “You might have stayed in there for ages.”

After exchanging ‘good morning’, Rear Admiral James Macleod asked the Queen, “How are you”

To which the monarch replied, “Well as you can see I can’t move.”

Her Majesty appeared to be admitting that she was feeling a bit stiff as she tried to move across the room to greet her guests with a handshake.

He then congratulated her Majesty on the start of her Platinum Jubilee year and they told how her dog Candy had been keeping guard outside the room and had been growling at them.

Rear Admiral Macleod said, “As we came down the corridor she was not going to let us get anywhere near you.”

The Queen replied, “Oh really?”

The Rear Admiral and explained, “She was giving us the growl as we came in”

“Oh was she? She doesn’t normally growl,” the Queen replied.

Buckingham Palace declined to comment on the Queen’s health.

Her health admission is the latest update after the Queen was under doctors orders to rest and only conduct light duties following her hospital admission last year.

But fans have expressed their concerns almost 12 months after her husband Prince Philip died.

One fan wrote, “It’s the first time I’ve seen her look so fragile.. The most amazing lady so proud of our queen.”

Another fan noted, “She has lost a lot of weight since her husband died…she is a strong woman.”

And a third fan added, “Her majesty the Queen seems to have slimmed down since the passing of her beloved Prince Philip. May her majesty stay in good health.”

But some fans were delighted with her appearance “Great to see Her Majesty again, she looks very well.”

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