Sign the Queen realises her reign is ‘coming to end’ highlighted in key sad moment

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Princess Diana’s former butler has voiced his concern for the Queen and insisted that she realises her reign is “coming to an end” ahead of her Platinum Jubilee.

Princess Diana’s former butler, Paul Burrell, said it’s sad to see how “frail” the Queen looks, as new health concerns have surfaced, with fans noticing worrying detail in recent photos that “isn’t a good sign”.
Paul says that it’s clear the Queen knows that her reign is coming to an end.
This royal news comes after it was revealed the Queen is set to bring Prince George to forefront of royal family in a new shake up.

During an appearance on Lorraine with royal photographer Arthur Edwards, Paul Burrell said he was “sad” to see how “frail” the Queen has looked in recent public appearances.

A grey patch on Her Majesty’s left leg caused a lot of concern for royal fans as she arrived at Sandringham in Norfolk ahead of her Platinum Jubilee celebrations last week.

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Having recently celebrated the 70th anniversary of her ascension to the throne, Her Majesty issued a special statement expressing her “sincere wish’” for Camilla to become Queen Consort when Prince Charles becomes King.

Princess Diana’s former aide highlighted the sad side of the Queen’s recent announcements, pointing out that it’s clear she is preparing for her reign to come to an end and to make sure proceedings are “smooth” when Charles takes the throne one day.

Speaking to Lorraine Kelly, Paul said, “As you know Lorraine, my royal service has been devoted to Her Majesty and to Princess Diana because 11 years with the Queen and 10 years with Diana, that’s quite a time to understand these people.

“I see what the Queen’s doing – I know she’s preparing a smooth path for the transition of this monarchy to the next monarchy.

“I was very sad because I saw a frail Queen at Sandringham and I was thinking of the times that I was with her and she was strong and fit and healthy and I realised we’re coming to the end of this monarchy and she does too,” he added.

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