Prince William sparks serious nostalgia with cheeky new picture

Prince William sparked a serious sense of nostalgia with a cheeky new picture that showed his fun side during his trip to the United Arab Emirates.

The Duke of Cambridge visited the UAE on 10th February and the pictures he shared couldn’t be more adorable. 
But it was one particularly sweet snap that really caught fan’s attention and it soon took them on a trip down memory lane. 
This royal news comes as the sign the Queen realises her reign is ‘coming to end’ was highlighted in a sad moment.

As a senior member of The Firm, Prince William is no stranger to undertaking solo engagements or overseas tours and his latest has given fans a sense of Déjà vu. The Queen’s grandson, who is second in the line of succession, travelled to the UAE earlier this week for a whirlwind one day trip. Here he fitted in a packed schedule of events, including visiting the stunning Jubail Mangrove Park and meeting with Earthshot Prize 2021 finalists as he celebrated sustainability.

Photographs taken throughout the day have now been shared by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s social media accounts. And it was one particularly cheeky picture that got fans casting their minds back to William’s childhood…

And also to see this police car…!

— The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) February 11, 2022

As well as undertaking his other engagements, the post revealed that William also got to see a UAE police car. Posing in front of the incredibly sleek and sporty-looking car, William’s smile was clear for all to see even whilst wearing a face mask. 

Though this wasn’t the first time the Duke of Cambridge has posed with police cars, as fans were quick to point out in delight.

“Passion never dies!” one person wrote, sharing an adorable childhood snap of William wearing his very own police uniform, complete with a matching hat, as he joyfully answered a phone. 

Someone else commented warmly, “Wow it’s beautiful! I’m sure you became a little boy again when you saw this car and that you would love to show it to your lovely family”.

“The best thing about this tour – Prince William posing for a photo in front of a police car”, another person replied. 

Whilst others began eagerly speculating about whether William would be eager to show his kids the photo and tell them all about his trip, particularly Prince George. One wrote, “I am sure this shot was taken for George?! He would love this”, though another suggested, “maybe Charlotte”. 

Another agreed, “He’s gonna be bragging this to his children definitely when he arrives home”. 

The future king certainly seemed to be reliving his childhood experience. As well as the cheeky picture posted by fans, other snaps were taken back in 1987 when William and Prince Harry visited a police station in Windsor. One showed the brothers giving the camera their best salute from the back of a police motorbike.

And whilst this visit might have taken place over 30 years ago, Prince William’s cheeky sense of fun came shining through just as strongly in his new picture.

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