Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis set to live in THIS huge mansion one day

The huge mansion that Prince George, Charlotte and Louis could be set to live in one day has been revealed.

Prince George, Charlotte and Louis could be set to move into this huge mansion when they’re older.
The Cambridge kids are expected to make Clarence House their home – starting with Prince George.
This royal news comes as heartache in store for Prince Harry as he’s set to face pain that will strike ‘sour note’.

The Cambridge kids are expected to move into a huge mansion and Clarence House is where Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis are likely to live one day.

Prince Charles, who is next in line to the throne in the royal succession, is due to move into Buckingham Palace with Duchess Camilla when he becomes King.

And instead of his son Prince William, who is second in line to the throne, moving into his former home at Clarence House, it’s understood that the huge mansion which is located north of St James’ Park on the Mall in Central London, is likely to be passed down to Prince George when he’s old enough.

The royal residency has been passed down the royal lineage for centuries and Prince George, who is third in line to the throne, could be handed it as early as 2034 when he comes of age.

And since Prince George, eight, is older than Princess Charlotte, six and Prince Louis, three, he is expected to get the first refusal.

The frontage of Clarence House in Thaxted. (Photo by: Loop Images/Universal Images Group via Getty Images)

Clarence House was built by John Nash in the 1820s for George III’s third son, the Duke of Clarence. The Grade I listed mansion was also previously home to Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, for almost five decades until she died in 2002.

Prince Charles moved in the following year and it’s recently been confirmed that he will move to Buckingham Palace when he becomes the new Monarch as according to reports, Prince of Wales is “firmly of the view that it’s the visible symbol of the monarchy in the nation’s capital and therefore must be his home.”

An expert told MailOnline, “There is no question about it. HRH’s view is that you need a monarch at monarchy HQ. This has never been in doubt.”

And with Prince William in Kensington Palace and reports of a move to Windsor’s Fort Belvedere until they are expected to inherit the Queen’s Windsor home, royal experts have ruled out him inheriting Clarence House, so many are wondering what will happen to Charles’ London-central residency.

You can see a glimpse inside Clarence House in the clip below…

Prince Harry’s move to the US with his wife Meghan Markle means Clarence House is “no longer viable” as an option for him.

And MailOnline reports the house could be turned into a “work or entertaining hub” in the short-term, with “a view to one of the Cambridges’ children living there in the future.”

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