Queen sparks health fears with new photos as fans spot worrying detail that ‘isn’t a good sign’

The Queen has sparked health fears amongst fans with photos of her recent royal outing as they spotted a worrying detail they believe “isn’t’ a good sign”. 

Her Majesty marked the 70th anniversary of her accession to the throne on February 6th and kicked off the celebrations with a tea party.
Whilst fans were delighted to see her attending the event in person, some were left concerned after spotting a little-noticed detail.
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The Platinum Jubilee 2022 bank holiday celebrations might still be several months away, but the Queen has now marked the 70th anniversary of her officially becoming the monarch following her father’s death. Having returned to Sandringham in Norfolk ahead of this bittersweet occasion, she marked the day itself in private and reflected on “difficult times” in a new message. However, the day before Accession Day, the Queen was pictured at Sandringham House as she met with representatives from local community groups for a reception.

They celebrated the start of the Platinum Jubilee year, with The Firm set to reunite in June for a packed schedule of events. However, whilst many people were thrilled to see Her Majesty, others were left concerned after spotting this detail in new photos from the day. 

That grey patch on her left leg…I hope she didn’t hurt herself.
It’s really good to see her!

— Royally Blunt (@RoyallyBlunt) February 5, 2022

Taking to Twitter, one person posted a sweet snap of the Queen wearing a deep green cape-style coat as she stood outside Sandringham House, holding a walking stick, sky-blue scarf and practical black handbag. 

But it was her leg that caught their attention, as they anxiously wrote, “That grey patch on her left leg…I hope she didn’t hurt herself. It’s really good to see her!”

“That leg is also more swollen. Not a good sign. Lost even more weight. God bless her”, someone else commented, echoing this sentiment. 

However, despite their fears, many other people were quick to reassure their fellow fans that bruising can happen more easily in later years and isn’t necessarily a cause for concern. 

“My darling father is 86 and his arms and legs bruise with just a slight knock. Sharp as a tack still. Remarkable lady and such a wonderful role model. Love her to bits!” one person wrote.

Whilst another had a similar reaction as they explained, “My mom got to the same age, and she permanently had bruises in every place you could think of, as the skin becomes so fragile it bruises at the slightest touch.” 

“She really is fantastic for someone who is fast approaching her 96th birthday,” someone else shared, before going on to add, “Her mind is so sharp & she is remarkably physically fit for her years. We have been blessed to have her.”

Their reassurances reflect the St John Ambulance website which also explains that elderly people can bruise easily. The Queen is set to celebrate her 96th birthday in April and so it seems likely that these fans are right with their suggestion that any bruising is associated with age and not a huge cause for worry.

Though the Queen sparked health fears, the touching concern and delight from so many at seeing the Queen attending engagements shows the huge impact she’s had as fans look forward to the Platinum Jubilee events.

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