Who left The Apprentice last night?

The Apprentice on the BBC is in full swing as 2022 candidates work their way through the difficult challenges set each week by Lord Alan Sugar as he searches to find his new recruit, and fans who missed the show are wondering who left The Apprentice last night?

Lord Sugar tests the nerves and brains of the hungriest hopefuls in the business world but after a week of sweat and tears, someone has to go and it’s down to the boss himself to choose who will make it through to the next recruitment stage and eventually win a six-figure salary job as his apprentice.

So is your favourite candidate still in the running? Let’s see…

Who left The Apprentice last night?

The fifth contestant to leave The Apprentice last night is Francesca Kennedy Wallbank.

Francesca tried her hardest to impress Lord Sugar, and his assistants Tim Cambell, who is standing in for Claude Littner, and Baroness Karren Brady but failed to make the cut.

Following her exit, the 26-year-old said, “I honestly loved every single task and I put my absolute all into everything. You can ask everyone in the house; I was the one going to bed at 7pm, ironing all my dresses so I was ready to be up early the next day. I could not wait to get back to the task and just show Lord Sugar what I could do, and I felt like I did that.”

She continued, “I won the task that I went for as Project Manager, smashed the sales and pitching. I was the highest seller in the fishing task, I was the highest seller at the market and on the non-alcoholic drinks task, I had a lot of input in the branding which actually didn’t come across in the show, but I did!”

After the show aired, Francesca uploaded an Instagram post to thank viewers for their support. It read, “I leave with my head held high, without investment from Lord Sugar but with much more than that. I went into this process without a game plan instead, a sustainable business plan and the will to prove that I could put my absolute all into every task.

“It’s been the most surreal time of my life, from creating toothbrushes, games, V0DIFY and fishing in Cornwall, these are times I will cherish.

“And honestly, thank YOU all for your positive messages that I receive everyday, your support has helped me more than you’ll ever understand.

“I’m still on the look out for an investor for my business TheCarbonFootprintCo, someone who understands sustainable business and wants to grow a green future. So if that is you, then please do get in touch.”

After losing four boys since the new series started, this week saw the remaining Apprentice 2022 candidates try to create their own computer game for this week’s task.

For Week Five, Lord Sugar summons the candidates to the immersive entertainment complex, Samsung KX in London.

They had to create a game demo along with a character for their game, before pitching their concept to a panel of hugely successful games investors.

The task required the teams to tackle this growing market and tap into trends. Create something that is a turn-off, and it could lead to mortal combat in the boardroom.

Half of one team overlooked the branding of their new game, where a lack of attention to detail on the other team lead to them getting a very frosty reception at their pitch.

The other half of the team looked over the design of their game, and one team’s efforts were considered more ‘worthy’ than ‘winning’.

At their events, both teams set their sights on the investors in the hope that their game will win them over. But mistakes and poor decisions meant investments were a struggle.

But only one team could come out on top – Team Diversity or Team Infinity?

After the challenge, Lord Sugar revealed that Brittany and her team had failed to wow investors with their game which was deemed simple.

The game centred around saving the Arctic – but not only did they spell Arctic wrong in the title of the game ‘Artic Saviour’ they also failed to realise there are in fact no penguins in the North Pole.

Ultimately, they got zero investment prompting them to be called back to the boardroom.

Brittany chose to bring Francesca and Sophie back with her when Lord Sugar asked.

But Francesca faced the firing line with the others blaming her for the misspelling of Arctic, which led to Lord Sugar firing her.

Who has been fired from The Apprentice so far?

The following candidates have been fired from Season 16 of The Apprentice 2022 after being unsuccessful in their journey to be crowned winner:

Week 5 – Francesca Kennedy Wallbank
Week 4 – Alex Short
Left due to illness – Shama Amin
Week 3 – Navid Sole
Week 2 – Connor Gilsenan
Week 1 – Harry Mahmood

Who is still in the Apprentice?

The remaining contestants still on The Apprentice are:

Stephanie Affleck
Aaron Willis
Kathryn Louise Burn
Harpreet Kaur
Amy Anzel
Akeem Bundu-Kamara
Nick Showering
Sophie Wilding
Brittany Carter
Akshay Thakrar

The Apprentice airs on BBC One and BBC iPlayer on Thursdays at 9pm

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