The Queen ‘sacked’ a staff member after she played this mean prank on her

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The Queen is said to have told one of her closest members of staff that she was ‘sacked’ after she played a mean prank on her.

The Queen had a hilarious response to her right-hand-woman playing a naughty prank on her during a royal tour of Australia.
Her Majesty is known for her cutting sense of humour, and when faced with the joke, she reacted in a typical witty way.
In other royal news, the sneaky way Kate Middleton used to stop Prince William being chatted up by girls at university has been revealed.

Most people who know the Queen claim she has a fantastic sense of humour and enjoys nothing more than a good joke or a playful prank.

It’s even been revealed that around the Christmas season, members of The Firm are told to buy one other jokey gifts rather

Angela, who served as the Queen’s personal dresser and senior assistant, wrote in her book The Other Side of the Coin that the Queen was keen to see a kookaburra while in Australia.

Sadly, she was unable to find one, but Angela spotted a charming cuddly toy version at a Sydney market and decided to buy it and gift it to her.

Angela penned, “I had something in mind I thought the Queen would enjoy.”

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When she returned to Governor’s House, where they were all staying, she put the toy in a small cage on the balcony outside her room, admitting she had seen a “funny-looking grey bird” through the window and told the Queen about it.

‘It’s a kookaburra!’ the Queen said from the balcony, Angela added, “I went to open the cage doors and she said loudly ‘No! Don’t do that! It will fly away!’ and was behind me in a flash.”

Angela joked that the creature was dead before yelling, “April Fool!”

“She had only two words for me: You’re sacked. I was laughing uncontrollably as Her Majesty turned to Prince Philip and said “Do you know what she has just done to me? Angela has had me,” she explained.

The Queen returned to Windsor Castle with the small toy, which now lives on the back of the sofa in her private living room.

Her Majesty is not the only member of the royal family with a sharp sense of humour, as Prince Harry made a hilarious joke to Meghan Markle in their wedding carriage.

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