Prince Charles is ‘terrified’ of becoming King for this heartbreaking reason

Prince Charles is “dreading” taking the “top job” as the King despite preparing for it all his life, according to a royal pro.

Prince Charles is first in line for the throne but royal biographer, Penny Junor, claims he’s “terrified of the prospect”.
This is because Prince Charles will only become King, once his mother, the Queen, has passed away.
This royal news comes after Prince Harry revealED he’s set to team up with Serena Williams for a special career move.

Prince Charles, who is first in the line of succession, is “terrified” of being King, for one particular heart-wrenching reason.

Royal Biographer, Penny Junor, claims that despite a lifetime of preparation and training for the “top job”, Charles is dreading becoming King, as this will mean the death of his mother, the Queen.

Prince Charles, like the Queen, had a very difficult 2021 after mourning the loss of his father, Prince Philip, who died in April aged 99. 

The Firm has all been rallying around her majesty and taking on more responsibility, however, it’s been reported that the Queen will not step down and abdicate the throne for Charles. This means Prince Charles will only assume in the event of her passing. 

Junor explained to Podcast Royal, ‘This is a moment that he has been dreading all his life really because his achieving the top job, the job he’s been training for and preparing for all these years does inevitably means the death of his mother and he loves his mother very dearly.”

Penny remarked that it’s going to be a “vicious” time for the future king, and he is “terrified of the whole prospect”.

She continued, “He is a very emotional man and a sensitive man, he did take the death of his father very badly. He takes the death of any loved one to heart and I think it would be, it’s devastating for him as it is for anyone who loses a much-loved mother.”

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