Queen’s big ‘concerns’ about Kate Middleton before she and Prince William married

The Queen reportedly had some rather big “concerns” about her grandson’s girlfriend before Prince William and Kate Middleton married in 2011. 

Her Majesty is said to have once worried Kate Middleton might not have enough experience in the workplace to take on full time royal duties. 
It’s claimed the Queen thought the Duchess “needed a job” before any engagement was announced between her and Prince William. 
This royal news comes as Kate Middleton snuggles with puppy on big day out as she shares rare update on Cambridge family pet.

It seems like only yesterday that Prince William and Kate met each other at the University of St Andrews, changing the history of the monarchy forever. Since then, Kate and William’s love story has gone from strength to strength and the couple are now preparing to celebrate their eleven year wedding anniversary. Not only are they the future King and Queen, but some have suggested that more than ever recently William and Kate are “taking the lead” in The Firm

However, it’s been reported that in the early days the Queen, whilst fond of Kate, might have had some reservations about her grandson’s partner being able to fulfil a demanding royal role.

According to OK!, royal author Katie Nicholl previously suggested in her book, The Making of a Royal Romance, that at one point the Queen believed Kate needed an “identity of her own” before she and William took their relationship to the next stage. 

Katie reportedly claimed, “Privately she had grave concerns and believed Kate needed to have a job and an identity in her own right before an engagement was announced.”

This sentiment was echoed by royal expert Phil Dampier, who supposedly opened up to Express.co.uk about Kate being perceived by some as “doing very little”. 

“Kate was William’s girlfriend for eight or nine years before they got engaged and got married,” he alleged. “There was a phase where she appeared to be doing very little really. The Queen once remarked Kate doesn’t do very much so I think she had a fairly long entrance to the Royal family.”

All these years later and it’s clear the Queen need not have worried as Kate has gone on to become one of the most popular royals. And it seems Her Majesty soon realised Kate was indeed ready to take on royal responsibilities before Kate and William married.

So much so that it’s claimed the Queen made an unusual gesture and had “private meetings” with Kate back when she and William were dating. Since their marriage, it’s even been suggested that the Queen “leans” on Kate for advice. 

As reported by OK!, royal expert Duncan Larcombe has explained how the pair remained close throughout the pandemic and even have a “direct line” to each other to check in.

“Kate has her own direct line to speak to the Queen and she calls her to check in on her and give her updates on the children,” he claimed. “She always leans on her for advice. It’s believed Kate was the one to teach the Queen how to use Zoom and that’s been lovely, so she can see her great-grandkids and stay connected.”

It seems despite reports of the Queen having “concerns” about Kate Middleton, they have forged an incredible bond throughout following years.

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