Rylan Clark reveals he was ‘hospitalised’ for safety reasons over ‘dark thoughts’ following his divorce

Rylan Clark has opened up about being hospitalised and needing to take ‘time away’ following his marriage breakdown and divorce from Dan Neal, saying “I didn’t think I’d be here”.

The TV personality previously thanked fans for their support following his divorce announcement. He shared that he was taking time away from work, to focus on his mental health. 

In the statement shared last year, he said, “Following reports about Dan and I spending time apart, I feel I have to speak out – as the way it is being reported is unfair. I have made a number of mistakes which I deeply regret and have inevitably led to the breakdown of our marriage.

“I have taken time away from work as I am not in a good place at the moment and am seeking help. I am trying to take each day at a time and would like to thank everyone for their support and for respecting our privacy at this time.”

Now, Rylan has revealed to the Observer that he didn’t know himself following the breakup, and needed to be hospitalised after having “dark thoughts” and taking things “a bit far”.

When asked about his experience he said, “I didn’t think I’d be here. I didn’t think I could continue.”

The X Factor star and Strictly It Takes Two presenter added, “I did not know myself at certain points. I was having thoughts and doing things that made me…f***ed up, for want of a better word. I didn’t understand why I was doing that to myself. So, I went away for a bit.’ He added that he was hospitalised for “safety reasons”.

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Rylan and Dan got engaged in September 2014 and tied the knot in 2015. They announced they were divorcing in June 2021, following six years of marriage. Rylan said both the divorce and his job in the public eye contributed to his ‘breakdown’. 

He shared, “I just never thought I could get that ill,’ but said he is starting to find the ‘new Rylan’ and has learned to be more in control of his job, and say no to things he does not want to do.

“I’ve not had control for so long, I feel like Britney! Because my life was really my job. I feel like I lost a lot of me.”

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