Who was voted off Dancing on last night? Sunday’s results revealed

ITV viewers are wondering who was voted off Dancing on Ice last night, as the show makes a welcomed return for 2022.

Twelve new celebrities and their professional skating partners are hoping to impress the judges on this years’ show but nobody likes to be in the bottom two, let alone face the skate-off.

And after taking to the TV studio ice rink for the 14th series of the hit ITV show with regular hosts Holly Willoughby and Philip Scofield making a return to our screens.

But for anyone who is keen to find out who will win Dancing on Ice 2022, you’ll want to know if you’re favourite is still in the contest…

Who was voted off Dancing on Ice last night?

Ria Hebden & Łukasz Różycki will have to skate again and face elimination next Sunday meaning no one left tonight.

“I’m really gutted because we worked so hard on every second of this skate,” Ria reacted to the news.

Over the first two weeks of Dancing on Ice, the 12 celebrities are split half, with six competing in the first show and the second set skating in next week’s show.

They will face the celebrity skater who ranks bottom of next weekend’s scores and votes.

The first six skating couples who took to the ice last night were Ria Hebden & Łukasz Różycki, Kye Whyte & Tippy Packard and Kimberly Wyatt & Mark Hanretty.

And joining them were Bez & Angela Eagan, Brendan Cole & Vanessa Bauer and Sally Dynevor & Matt Evers.

Once each couple has performed their routine, judges Jayne Torvill, Christopher Dean, Oti Mabuse and Ashley Banjo marked all the celebs out of 10.

Viewers then voted for their favourite of the first six couples with the results combined with the judges’ marks to determine the bottom-placed couple.

Ria & Łukasz will face whichever celebrity couple ends up at the bottom of the score table next week.

How to get Dancing on Ice 2022 tickets?

You can apply for Dancing on Ice 2022 tickets through SRO audiences who allocate the tickets.

They say about their ticket policy: “We try to be as fair as we can about issuing the tickets. Successful applicants are randomly selected from amongst those who apply. We aim to email tickets to the successful applicants as quickly as possible.”

However, the already-difficult task has become even harder during the pandemic. SRO says: “This year for Dancing On Ice, we shall be admitting the audience in a different way to usual; we never know in advance whether each group will attend, or will use all of their tickets, and we, therefore, over-issue tickets to compensate for the inevitable no-shows and base the over-issue on the attendance at previous recordings of a show.

“At most shows, we admit regular ticket holders on a first-come first-served basis. We shall be recording this show with each group will be seated at a table.”

SRO continued, “In order to make the most of the available space and accommodate as many people as possible, groups who fit the available tables will be favoured.

“Therefore, although hopefully we shall still accommodate everyone who attends, at this production, if a group arrives after your party but the size of their group fits the available seats and yours does not, that group may be admitted first.”

Does Dancing on Ice have a voting app?

Dancing on Ice has changed the way viewers can vote and fans have complained after bosses decided to ditch the app this year and allow viewers to vote online instead.

One fan admitted, ‘Had to give up on voting. Too complicated & long winded compared to the app which was quick & easy. Why change it? #DancingOnIce#DOI,’

Another added, ‘Anyone else struggle to vote? Verified mobile and everything to get a voting is closed page? Did it open?’

And a third fan shared their frustrations, ‘Is anyone else having trouble voting, I couldn’t get to the page. Why is there no app this year it was much easier. They have lost my votes tonight. #dancingonice,’

Another fan asked, ‘Why hasn’t #DancingOnIce got its own app for voting or give us longer to vote as it’s taken me ages just to find where you vote on the website,” as a third wrote: “Don’t like this new way of voting#DancingOnIce.’

Fans using the app this week struggled to get their votes cast in time if voting for free, with viewers only given 10 minutes to vote for their favourite.

Viewers can also call to vote but charges apply.

Dancing on Ice returns on Sundays, ITV at 6.30pm-8pm.

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