Kate Middleton careful not to ‘upstage’ this royal despite being ‘perfect advert’ for the monarchy

Kate Middleton is reportedly careful not to “upstage” a fellow senior royal despite some believing that she is the “perfect advert” for the British monarchy. 

The Duchess of Cambridge marked her 40th birthday on January 9th and three stunning new photographs were released in honour of her big day.
According to a commentator Kate Middleton is “careful” and respects the “hierarchy” whenever it comes to important occasions such as this. 
This royal news comes as Number 10 apologises to the Queen for holding two parties the night before Prince Philip’s funeral.

In honour of Kate Middleton’s 40th birthday on January 9th three special new portraits were shared, much to the delight of fans. One in particular stood out for the way Kate channelled Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth and the iconic style of photograph didn’t go unnoticed by royal fans and commentators alike. As the future Queen and a senior member of The Firm, it’s perhaps not so surprising that Kate’s portraits have been perceived as very regal. 

However, whilst the Duchess of Cambridge is hugely popular and devoted to her role, it seems she’s still very much aware of the Royal Family “hierarchy”. And there’s reportedly one person in particular Kate is “careful” not to “upstage” during her working life.

Delighted to share a new portrait of The Duchess ahead of her 40th birthday tomorrow.

This is one of three new portraits which will enter the permanent collection of the @NPGLondon, of which The Duchess is Patron.

Paolo Roversi pic.twitter.com/55Z5qBMLaP

— The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge (@KensingtonRoyal) January 8, 2022

As reported by The Mirror, analysing this iconic birthday photo in particular, royal commentator Ingrid Seward expressed her belief that Kate is “rising up the ranks”, though she’s been a royal long enough to know whose toes she shouldn’t ever tread on. 

“In this image I think you see a nod to Kate rising up the ranks. People look at her and see the perfect queen, young and beautiful,” Ingrid began, before later going on to explain, “We can see Kate stepping up a level, the coming of a queen in waiting, and I think she is more ready to fill those shoes.”

Though according to Ingrid, whilst the royals are supposedly “very careful” not to upstage one another generally, it’s Duchess Camilla whom Kate will be especially conscious of. 

“Prince Charles is not even King yet and the Royals are very careful about not upstaging each other. Kate will be keen not to upstage Camilla,” she claimed. “She is aware of hierarchy and that it is Camilla’s turn. But she is a wonderful advert for the monarchy, especially globally, and people will see her as the perfect queen.”

In the royal line of succession Prince Charles is first as the Queen’s immediate heir, followed by Prince William, and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall is more senior to the Duchess of Cambridge.

Some royal fans might have wondered whether Kate Middleton could become Queen before Duchess Camilla, though when the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall married, it was announced that Camilla would be known as “Princess Consort” when he ascends to the throne. 

Regardless of her future title, Duchess Camilla is set to be a consort of a King before Kate is. So whilst Kate, with her warmth and devotion to her responsibilities is undoubtedly seen by many as a huge asset to the Royal Family, it seems to make sense that she could potentially be “careful” about not upstaging her stepmother-in-law. 

The two are understood to get on well and the Duchess of Cornwall and Duchess of Cambridge attended multiple important occasions together with their husbands last year.  

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