‘Ambitious’ Carole Middleton’s ‘perfectionist’ parenting prepared Kate for royal life from childhood

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Kate Middleton’s ‘ambitious’ mum, Carole Middleton, ensured that she did everything in her childhood to perfection, according to a royal expert.

Carole Middleton has been praised for ensuring her daughter’s success in every venture she pursues, drumming ambition into her since childhood and helping her excel in every skill she turned her hand to.
Royal biographer Ingrid Seward says Carole equipped Kate with a plethora of skills, that no doubt prepared her for royal life when she met Prince William.
This royal news comes after it was revealed Kate Middleton had ‘no interest in fame’ and just wanted a ‘house in the country and loads of kids’.

The Duchess of Cambridge’s royal role has seen her skyrocket in popularity and professionalism in recent years, and she’s rarely missed a beat since joining The Firm more than a decade ago.

The future Queen Consort is one of the most talked-about women in the world, with her fashion statements and royal appearances creating headlines and wowing the world.

During engagements, she’s always the picture of grace and elegance, and she’s been hailed for gaining confidence as she approaches her 40th birthday.

All of Kate’s grace, decorum and ability to thrive in royal life is due to one very special person in her life: her mother Carole, who equipped her with a repertoire of skills to take into life when she was growing up.

Royal commentator Ingrid Seward explained that Carole Middleton’s ambition and perfectionism helped Kate in becoming the woman she is today, “She learnt to sail as a young girl and rock climb and ski. She loved cooking, dressing up and making clothes. She learnt the piano, her father taught her to play tennis to a high standard.

“All these skills came because her ambitious mother encouraged her to learn them. There’s nothing she can’t turn her hand to.”

Ingrid added,She is patient, and has the ability to listen.

“And she has discovered she has this ability with people, she is very good with the very young and the very old.”

Despite marrying into the royal family, the Duchess is believed to have had “no interest in being famous” when growing up.

But, as the wife of Prince William, who is second in line to the throne in the line of succession, Kate’s ability to thrive during any royal engagement, have a fun and sporty side, be adored by the nation, as well as be a wonderful mother to Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis, has served her well.

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