Kate Middleton had ‘no interest in fame’ and just wanted a ‘house in the country and loads of kids’

Kate Middleton had ‘no interest in being famous’ friend claims, as she reveals the different life she always wanted. 

Kate Middleton’s friend is said to have revealed the Duchess wanted a completely different life to the royal one she has now.
The Duchess of Cambridge is said to have a ‘house in the countryside, loads of kids, dogs and an AGA’ according to her friend.
This royal news comes as it’s revealed Kate Middleton can’t stand one of Prince William’s ‘nightmare’ habits – but it’s hilariously relatable.

Kate Middleton is said to have had ‘no interest in being famous’ despite marrying into the royal family, friend claims.

The Duchess of Cambridge celebrated her 10th wedding anniversary to Prince William last year and as Kate prepares to celebrate a low-key 40th birthday, with a new photo coming soon, it’s understood that the Reading-born youngster envisaged a different life to the one she has now.

A family friend of the Duchess once told a writer at The Sun on Sunday all about the life she always wanted which consists of a ‘quiet life in the countryside’.

But as one of the most famous women in the world, as the wife of Prince William who is second in line to the throne in the royal succession, Kate is forced to split her time between their royal residence at Anmer Hall in Norfolk and Kensington Palace in central London.

Royal correspondent Emily Andrews claims a family friend of the royal once told her, “All Catherine ever wanted was a house in the countryside, loads of kids, dogs and an AGA.  She wasn’t interested in having a big job or becoming famous.’

Kate now has three children with William, son Prince George, eight, daughter Princess Charlotte, six, and son Prince Louis, three.

And the family has a cocker spaniel to replace their dog Lupo who died in 2020.

Ms Andrews continued, “Family life is incredibly important to her, and motherhood has been the making of her. Now that she feels she’s achieved that, there’s time to turn to her public role and what she wants to achieve there.”

Kate also previously expressed shyness, feeling self-conscious over her new hairstyle following the birth of daughter Princess charlotte.

Ms Andrews revealed at the time she complimented Kate on her new hairstyle to which the Duchess replied, “Are you sure it suits me? You don’t think it looks too mumsy? I was a bit worried…”

And Kate previously admitted during her and William’s engagement interview with ITV back in 2010, “It’s obviously nerve-wracking because I don’t know what I’m…I don’t know the ropes really, William is sort of used to it but I’m willing to learn quickly and work hard.”

You can watch that first interview in full below…

Kate’s public appearances show her brimming with confidence these days and in recent years she’s even taken to social media to send out her own messages to fans.

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