The reason Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis won’t keep all of their Christmas presents

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Kensington Palace has previously revealed why Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis give many of their presents away after Christmas day.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis don’t keep all the presents they are gifted on Christmas Day.
A royal source previously said Prince William and Kate Middleton don’t want to spoil their children.
This royal news comes after Meghan Markle and Prince Harry shared a tribute to the late Desmond Tutu.

Millions of children across the world woke up early on Christmas morning to unwrap their gifts from Santa.

But for Prince William and Kate Middleton’s kids, they don’t always get to keep every single one of the presents they receive.

Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis receive gifts, not just from their family, but from royal fans too.

This obviously means they can’t keep everything they are gifted, and some items are donated or given away to other children.

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A spokesperson from the Palace previously confirmed: “Some items will be taken into the home and others stored within the Royal Household.

“On occasion, and where appropriate, items may be donated to organisations who can make good use of them.

“Their Royal Highnesses are incredibly grateful for the warmth and generosity that has been extended to their children from members of the public.”

And it turns out the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge don’t want to spoil their kids, with a royal source telling Us Weekly in 2017 that it’s the parents’ “worst nightmare”.

The source added: “They’re both extremely careful.

“Receiving that many gifts wouldn’t have a good effect on the kids.”

George, Charlotte and Louis also don’t actually have many presents to open on Christmas Day at all, as royal family Christmas tradition sees them all open their gifts on Christmas Eve instead.

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Meanwhile, there is strict protocol in place when any member of the royals receives a gift from the public.

To ensure the safety of the family, the items are first looked over for safety reasons and then can be accepted, but only if it isn’t worth more than $200.

If it’s worth too much or the royals have no use for it, it is usually sent back, donated to charity or may be destroyed and discarded.

Anything gifted from outside the palace could also be refused if “there are concerns about the propriety or motives of the donor or the gift itself.”

Royal family members must also not accept a gift if they are expected to do something in return, and the royal code states members usually won’t accept any gifts from commercial enterprises in the UK.

Exceptions can be made if the item is a souvenir of an official visit or if it marks a wedding or particular occasion.

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This comes as former royal protection officers have expressed concern over the Queen’s safety after a man with a crossbow was arrested on Christmas day trying to break into Windsor Castle.

An armed 19-year-old man from Southampton was arrested at 8:30am on December 25 in the grounds of the Queen’s home.

The monarch chose to stay in Windsor after cancelling her traditional Royal Family Sandringham Christmas plans.

The Metropolitan Police have since said that the suspect has been sectioned and is now “in the care of medical professionals”.

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