Kate Middleton was spotted Christmas shopping in The Range ahead of Queen’s special gift exchange

Kate Middleton was once spotted doing some last-minute shopping in The Range ahead of the Queen’s special gift exchange.

Kate Middleton proved she likes a bargain when she was spotted browsing items in everyday essentials store The Range ahead of the Queen’s special Christmas gift exchange.
The Duchess of Cambridge has often browsed high street stores in Norfolk over the festive period.
This royal news comes after the school rule Prince George and Princess Charlotte are allowed to break but their classmates are forbidden to, was revealed.

Kate Middleton proved herself to be thrifty when she was once spotted doing some shopping in her local branch of The Range ahead of Christmas at Sandringham with the Queen and the royal family.

Traditionally the Queen gifts her staff a total in excess of £20,000 – buying them a Christmas Pudding and a book token. But when it comes to The Firm, who have everything they could ever want or need, they have devised a tradition of their own. Her Majesty and her nearest and dearest swap cheap and silly novelty gifts on Christmas Eve.

This year the Queen cancelled her Christmas at Sandringham in favour of hosting it at Windsor Castle, with family members expected to be visiting her there, but the annual gift exchange is expected to take place as it does in previous years.

Traditionally the royals exchange gifts on Christmas Eve, in keeping with their heritage and German tradition.

And before Kate joined her Majesty for celebrations in 2018, she popped into her local store of The Range at Kings Lynn, Norfolk, with the Cambridge kids by her side.

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At the time, teacher Sarah Daniels spotted Kate in the bargain shop and shared details of her rare royal sighting.

Mrs Daniels first saw the family in the arts and crafts section of the shop, before they moved on to the toy section where Prince George apparently was particularly taken with ‘dinosaur slime’.

Recounting the experience, she told The Sun, “As I was looking at the shelves I noticed a tall dark-haired lady further down the aisle and thought to myself ‘I recognise that face’.”

Mrs Daniels said that at one point Princess Charlotte sat on the floor and was told by her mother Kate, who was dressed casually in jeans, low-heeled boots and a jacket, “Get up, poppet.”

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It’s reported that she bought trolley-loads of pictures, children’s books and artist materials then queued at the tills.

The shopper continued, “I did a double-take when I saw her. You don’t expect to see royals shopping at The Range. I recognised little Prince George holding Kate’s hand and ­Charlotte with a red bow in her hair.

“Their protection officers were keeping a discreet distance so they looked like any other family out grabbing last-minute Christmas bargains.

“When Kate got to the checkouts I plucked up courage to ask if she’d do a selfie with me and my kids. She very politely declined. She was so nice, explaining she was just doing a bit of Christmas shopping.”

George then asked Kate if they could buy some dinosaur slime, but Mrs Daniels said she “didn’t register a response” from the Duchess.

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