Baby Food Maker’s Recommendations for Practical and Easy MPASI

When your baby enters the solids period, it’s time for Moms to prepare nutritious food for your little one. So that the quality is guaranteed, you should prepare your baby’s complementary food menu yourself, starting from choosing the best ingredients, weighing, cooking, to making sure the nutritional content and texture of the food are suitable for your little one.

Troubled? Don’t worry, you can take advantage of child food creators. With this tool, expositions make complementary foods for your little one faster, simpler, and last but not least, their nutrition is maintained. Now, if you are interested in having a child food creator at home to help ease your task of preparing your baby’s complementary foods, you can check out the recommendations from M&B below.

1. BabySafe Food Maker

Now preparing baby food can be more practical and efficient for you, Moms. With the BabySafe Food Maker, steaming and mashing baby food can be done on the same machine. This food creator is also made of BPA free material and has met the requirements of the European Safety Standard so it is very safe for your baby. In addition to the price which is quite pocket-friendly, this tool is also practical, efficient, and easy to use and safe because it has a double security lock.

2. Philips Avent Essential Baby Food Maker

This product from Philips is unquestionable. Combining steaming and mixing technology, this tool helps you easily prepare and serve food for your little one. Mothers can make healthy food with steam technology in this food creator. It costs a little more, but you can enjoy perfect and smooth chops thanks to the new mixing technology available. The large water tank makes it easy for you to clean this tool until it is perfectly clean.

3. Vienta Baby Food Maker

With a present day display, this tool has 4 functions, namely steaming, mashing food, warming milk, and cleaning milk bottles. To have it, Moms do have to spend quite a bit, but it is equipped with a computerized board with a touchscreen system, this food creator is very safe, because it is made of BPA free, has a Safety Lock and has Auto Standby, if the water in the tank runs out, the machine will automatically cancel the process. ongoing heating and switch to the backup position.

4. Little Giant Food Processor

This product from Little Giant can be used to warm milk, steam, and refine baby food, so it can meet all your needs. This product is made of BPA free material and has quite efficient electrical power. Equipped with an LCD screen and computerized buttons, this tool is also easy to use, Moms. The price is quite friendly on your pocket.

5. Oonew Baby Purée

BabyPurée by Oonew Petite Series presents a complete and practical food producer to help Moms prepare food in an easy but still nutritious way for your little one. With a reduced and lightweight form, this tool has 4 functions, smoothing food, steaming, thawing frozen food, and crushing coarse-textured foodstuffs.

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