8 of the best baby sleep aids to help babies sleep through the night

The best sleep aids to help your baby fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for longer

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The best sleep aids allow both babies and parents to get a better night’s sleep. We’ve rounded up eight of the best sleep aid toys to get your baby to fall asleep quickly and have a deep, restful snooze – so that you can too.

It’s one of the biggest questions on new parents’ minds: how to get a baby to fall asleep quicker – and stay asleep for longer.

There are a variety of sleep aids on the market, including night lights, white noise machines, and vibrating sleep soothers. What works for one baby might not work for another, so we have included a range of the best baby sleep aids at different price points to help you select the sleep toys that will best meet your needs and environment.

We asked a panel of parents to put each one to the test, assessing each product on how well it was designed, how good its features were – and most importantly, how well they put our little ones to sleep.

Best baby sleep aids at a glance

Our top choice when it comes to the best sleep aids is the SnoozeShade for Cots: a genius blackout canopy that blocks out light and blurs distractions to help your baby connect his or her sleep cycles seamlessly.

The best value sleep aid is the MyBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go Portable Baby White Noise Machine, which is affordable, portable, and super simple to use.

The top premium option is the myCuddly Sleep Aid, which is as adorable to look at as it is soothing for babies.

Best sleep aid overall: SnoozeShade for Cots & Mini Cot Beds – £69.99 | SnoozeShade
Best premium sleep aid: myCuddly Sleep Aid – £69.95 | Amazon
Best budget cot sleep aid: MyBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go Portable Baby White Noise Machine – £19.99 | HoMedics
SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid – £21.95 | Snuz
Tommee Tippee Dreammaker Light and Sound Baby Sleep Aid – £30 | John Lewis
Zed Vibration Sleep Soother By Rockit – £29.99 | Amazon
My Little Morphee – £79 | Eve Sleep
Ewan Deluxe Baby Shushing Sleep Sheep – £39.99 | Amazon

1. Best baby sleep aid overall: SnoozeShade for Cots & Mini Cot Beds

A breathable, portable blackout canopy to block out light and blur distractions from your baby’s cot

Star rating: | Type: Blackout canopy White noise: No | Night light: No | Portable: Yes


Blocks out light
Blurs distractions
Breathable and scientifically tested 
Fairly expensive
Muffles a baby monitor
Not suitable for larger cots


Type: Blackout canopy | White Noise: No | Night Light: No | Portable: Yes

If you’ve ever been woken up at 5 am by a baby who thinks it’s time to play, the SnoozeShade for Cots & Mini Cot Beds is for you. 

Made of scientifically-approved, breathable mesh fabric, the SnoozeShade fits over cots and mini cot beds with a 120cm x 60cm mattress and blocks out 94% of light. 

It contributes to a dark sleeping environment to help promote melatonin production, get your little ones to drift off faster, and block out distractions. 

Our tester Laura, who’s mum to Wolfe, five months, said the SnoozeShade was a ‘lifesaver’ on a trip to visit family.

Laura said the canopy made her feel more relaxed on holiday and less nervous about waking up her son. 

“The SnoozeShade is so lightweight, we threw it in the suitcase and it fits our travel cot perfectly,” she says. 

“Since we were sharing a room, the shade meant it was possible for us to creep into bed later and not wake him up. It was so easy to set up and really effective.”

Laura said the product has not just helped Wolfe drift off to sleep faster but prolongs his sleep too.

“It stretches his sleep in the mornings,” she says. “Before he would stir and then get distracted by the room, but the SnoozeShade stops this. I have recommended it to friends for Christmas trips abroad.”

2. Best premium baby sleep aid overall: myCuddly Sleep Aid

A cuddly comforter that offers five types of white and pink noise

Star rating: | Type:  | White noise: | Night light: | Portable:


Beautiful design
Five types of noise
Automatic sleep sensor 
High price
Not loud enough
Complicated when changing settings 

VIEW AT AMAZON | £69.95 

Type: Comforter | White Noise: Yes | Night Light: No | Portable: Yes

Most babies are obsessed with a comforter of some kind, and the myCuddly Sleep Aid is a comforter with a difference. The teddy bear-shaped sleep aid plays five different types of white and pink noise to soothe little ones to sleep. 

The device can either play for an hour or for 12 hours, and it also has a clever sleep sensor, which restarts the myCuddly’s noise if your baby starts to stir or cry.

Aryana Lindley, mum to Liberty, 10 months, tested the myCuddly Sleep Aid to see if it is as effective as it is cute. She instantly loved the product when she saw it for the first time, saying it looks “really cute” and feels “super soft”.

The myCuddly helped her daughter to fall asleep faster, and stay asleep longer. Aryana used the device when taking her daughter out and about in her pram, and also at her nursery, and found it helped Liberty stay asleep longer in a variety of locations. Aryana says the portability of the product is a top selling point. 

As well as the design, Aryana also appreciated the variety of sound options on the myCuddly.

“The five different sound features are great as you can choose one to best suit your baby and what they’re used to,” she adds. “I like the option of having it play non-stop for 12 hours, or for 60 minutes to a gradual fade out. There is also an inbuilt sleep sensor!” 

3. Best budget baby sleep aid: MyBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go Portable Baby White Noise Machine 

An affordable, portable, and fuss-free white noise machine for parents on the move

Star rating: | Type:  Sound machine | White noise: Yes | Night light: No | Portable: Yes


Value for money
Multiple sound options
Compact and portable
Makes a rattly noise
No light feature
Less stylish than other devices 


Type: White noise machine White Noise: Yes Night Light: No Portable: Yes

If you’re looking for an affordable noise machine that’s simple to use, incredibly portable and that offers numerous sound and volume options, the MyBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go Portable Baby White Noise Machine represents brilliant value for money. 

The device offers four soothing sounds (heartbeat, white noise, ocean and lullaby), and comes with a clip to allow parents to attach it to their baby’s pram, cot, or car seat. It also has a flat base so you can leave it freestanding. 

The sound machine also allows the user to select between 15, 30, or 45-minute noise sessions, or to choose continuous play for babies having a longer snooze. 

Our tester Eugenie Freeman found the machine worked a treat with her daughter Darcey, four and a half months. Having tried a variety of white noise machines in the past, she found that this one was particularly easy to use and more portable than the others she’d tested.

“The product is very simple and intuitive to use, which I like because I have used other white noise machines in the past and have found that finding the right setting can be a bit complicated,” Eugenie says. “This one is nice and easy – clear buttons, obvious symbols and no confusion. It’s also small enough to travel anywhere with.”

Eugenie also found that the MyBaby SoundSpa represented excellent value for money, costing half of what the other noise machines she’d used had cost, but offering better functions, such as volume options, more sounds and easier buttons. 

Read our full MyBaby SoundSpa On-The-Go Portable Baby White Noise Machine review to see if it’s right for your little one.

4. SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid

A cute, cuddly cloud-shaped sleep aid offering four sounds and two light options

Star rating: | Type: White noise comforter | White noise: Yes | Night light: Yes | Portable: Yes


Cute appearance
Light and sound features
Easy to attach
Switches off after 20 minutes
Doesn’t play continuously

VIEW AT SNUZ | £21.95

Adorable to look at, playing an array of soothing sounds, and offering two light options too, the SnuzCloud Baby Sleep Aid is a fantastic all-rounder that your baby will love – and you will too.

Its soft plush fabric and sweet cloud-shaped appearance will make it a staple of your nursery, while its lightweight design and handy velcro strap mean you can cart it around with you wherever you go.

We asked Suzy Selwyn, who is mum to Reuben, 25 weeks, to see how she got on with the SnuzCloud.

Suzy praised the sleep aid’s aesthetics and soft feel and said it worked really well not just to put her son to sleep, but also to distract him during nappy changes or winding.

“I like the gentle lights and sometimes I use the cloud as a distraction if he has burps,” she tells us. 

“I love that it has multiple functions with sound – the white noise soothes him when he’s crying and the rainforest distracts him when I am changing his nappy.

“It helps soothe the baby in multiple ways and he likes to play with it and use it as a teether.”

Suzy also highlighted how easy the SnuzCloud is to carry around and affix to her baby’s car seat and pram, making it ideal for frazzled parents who need things to be fast, easy, and efficient. 

5. Tommee Tippee Dreammaker Light and Sound Baby Sleep Aid

A sound and light sleep aid developed by sleep scientists for deeper, longer sleeps

Type: Light and noise machine | White Noise: Yes | Night Light: Yes | Portable: No


Cry sensor
Light and sound features
Pulsing glow
Needs connection to the mains
Doesn’t come with a plug
Not portable


The Tommee Tippee Dreammaker Light and Sound Baby Sleep Aid has plenty of aces up its sleeve when it comes to inducing and prolonging baby sleep. It offers pink noise to mimic the familiar sound of the womb, produces red light to soothe the baby and make him or her sleepy, and also offers a rhythmic, pulsing glow to help your little one relax before bed. 

Most cleverly, it also boasts CrySensor technology, which will listen out for your baby’s cries and automatically switch on, meaning you don’t need to creep out of bed in the middle of the night to activate it. 

The device has been developed in conjunction with a renowned sleep laboratory and sleep scientists.

Our tester Jasmine Harris tried the device with her daughter Sophia, six months, who, she says, “struggles with sleep”. 

Jasmine found the device instantly helpful when it came to prolonging Sophia’s naps, saying the Dreammaker allows her daughter to get into a “much deeper sleep”. 

She also says that having tried other, more expensive sleep products on the market, the Dreammaker offers brilliant value for money. “It is extremely affordable for the price compared to some other sleep aids,” Jasmine says.

The CrySensor, pulsing glow and light appealed to Jasmine, and she found this made it stand out from other similar devices.

“It provides ongoing pink noise unlike other sleep aids, and it doubles up as a night light that is calming rather than a distraction,” she adds. 

6. Zed Vibration Sleep Soother By Rockit

A vibrating sleep soother to mimic the sensation of a car journey

Star rating: | Type: Vibrating sleep soother | White Noise: No | Night Light: Yes | Portable: No


Vibrations and night light
Ideal for babies who love movement
Multiple modes
Easy to move accidentally as it’s so light
Children might mistake it for a toy
May encourage reliance on vibration to sleep


If your baby loves movement and is happiest in the car, the Zed Vibration Sleep Soother By Rockit is the sleep aid for you. The Zed works by emitting gentle vibrations and mimicking the sensation of being in the car, a place where babies famously love to fall asleep.

As well as offering six different calming vibration modes, the Zed also has three different night light options in the form of a relaxing red glow. It’s simple to operate, too, with large buttons and a big snooze button to press.

Our tester, Mary Eleini, found the Zed worked brilliantly with her son Lucian, seven months. She enjoyed how easy the device was to get the hang of, and also appreciated the night light’s gentle glow, which she found better than other harsher night lights she’d tried.

Mary said this product would work best for “babies who are used to movement at nap times”, as well as saying it would be a great tool “to use from birth”. 

“It’s a really useful tool to keep a baby who is good at sleeping in the pram or in the car – basically, a baby who is used to movement – asleep in their crib,” she says. 

She also found that the product wasn’t just useful at soothing Lucian to sleep and prolonging his sleep, but was also handy during nighttime nappy changes.

“I liked the multi-functionality of the night light, and the vibrations are useful when changing or feeding the baby in the middle of the night,” she adds. 

7. My Little Morphee

Credit: Morphee

A beautifully designed, non-digital, storytelling sleep aid for older children

Star rating: | Type: Non-digital sleep aid | White Noise: No | Night Light: No | Portable: Yes


Fun for children to use
Creates relaxing bedtime environment
Lovely design
Less effective on babies
No white noise


Marketed at older children, the My Little Morphée is a non-digital, screen-free sleeping aid aimed at children between three and eight years old. It works differently from your typical white noise machine or night light, instead offering 192 ‘meditative journeys’ to help children wind down before bed. 

Children can choose an animal and destination of their choice to hear visualisations, breathing and relaxation exercises, and guided meditations. The sessions have been created by sleep experts, and there are also soft music tracks and nature sounds if your child prefers this to a meditative journey. 

Our tester Tara Joseph tried out My Little Morphée alongside her daughter, Noa, three and a half, who loved playing with the device and carrying it around the house.

Tara was impressed by the product’s elegant design, saying it “looks great” and would fit in with “modern nursery decor”. She also praised how easy it was for Noa to get the hang of, and said it is really “fun for children to use by themselves”. 

“Within a few days, my daughter was able to use it herself to choose an animal and setting to create different stories,” she adds.

Tara also appreciated the calm bedtime environment My Little Morphée helped to create in her home, praising the stories themselves and the narration too.

“There are multiple options to choose from – each animal can have a story based in a different environment,” she explains. “The stories are calming and are read in a soft tone.”

Read our full My Little Morphée reviewto see if it’s the best baby sleep aid for you.

8. Ewan Deluxe Baby Shushing Sleep Sheep

Credit: Sweet Dreamers

An adorable sheep-shaped sleep aid that features five soothing sounds and a red glow

Star rating:  | Type: Light and noise machine | White Noise: Yes | Night Light: Yes | Portable: Yes


Cute appearance
Smart cry sensor
Truly relaxing sounds 
Tricky to the hang of
Turns itself off after four hours


One of the best-known sleep aids on the market, Ewan Deluxe Baby Shushing Sleep Sheep is extremely popular – and for good reason. Not only is he incredibly cute to look at and cuddly for babies to hold, but he offers a red night glow to calm babies and a smart cry sensor that listens out for your baby stirring or crying and reactivates him so you don’t need to get out of bed.

Ewan offers five different sounds to put your baby to sleep, all accompanied by the sound of a genuine, not computer-generated heartbeat in the background: a vacuum cleaner and heartbeat sound, a rainfall and heartbeat sound, a harp melody and heartbeat sound, a womb and heartbeat sound and a shush and heartbeat sound.

Ewan was tested both by Gina Osen and her son Nathan, four months and also by me and my daughter Mia, one year.

Gina found Ewan’s noises and lights to be “calming” and “multifunctional”, and appreciated Ewan’s “cute” design. I found Ewan’s sounds to be incredibly relaxing both for myself and for Mia after months of testing different sleep aids to no avail. The sound of the heartbeat is really soothing and makes you feel grounded after stressful days or nights with a young baby. I also appreciated the wide variety of noises available, knowing that though one baby may enjoy the sound of rainfall, another may be soothed by shushing. 

The biggest selling point for me, other than Ewan’s adorable appearance, is his crying sensor, which means you can nod off without worrying about having to go in and turn on a white noise machine or night light in the middle of the night: if he hears your baby stir in the night, he simply switches back on and the trusty heartbeat resumes. 

Things to consider when buying a sleep aid for your baby or child

If the tricks that worked to get one baby to sleep worked for them all, parents wouldn’t constantly experience sleepless nights. That’s why many parents end up buying a number of sleep aids with the hope that at least one of them will work.

With that in mind, we’ve included a range of the best sleep aids that offer multiple features, such as white noise, pink noise, night lights, or soothing vibrations.

How can I get my baby to sleep longer at night?

“Parents, especially those of newborns, can be so overwhelmed with choice when it comes to buying the right sleep aid for their child,” explains Daniella Lewis, co-founder of baby sleep consultancy Settled Sleepers.

“The truth is, whilst there is no magic sleep solution, the correct sleep aids can help to settle and calm a restless or overtired baby and soothe them to sleep.

“We love white noise machines that can play continuously throughout the night and that are durable as well as portable, and we also love a blackout canopy that’s breathable and easy to use.”

How should I choose a sleep aid?

Lynda Harding, founder of Sweet Dreamers, says when doing your research about the best sleep aids, try to find products that combine multiple benefits, such as a white noise machine that also offers light.

“When looking to purchase a sleep aid, parents should look for authentic features that will truly comfort their baby, so certainly look for a product that is based on lots of research,” adds Lynda.

“Something that has an integrated cry sensor is a must also, as this ensures that when your baby stirs, it automatically activates to soothe them and settle them back to sleep without parents having to get out of bed.

“It’s also important to look for a product that gives all the extras, so look for a sleep aid with light and sound options too.”

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