Ever been looking for restaurant reviews while moving?

Ever craved a super hard score to land a dinner reservation at the hottest restaurant in town?

Ever had to result in a restaurant decision along with a group of hesitant hungry diners?

Or perhaps, have you ever yearned to see if your food is free of allergens (such as gluten or soy)?


If the problem is, we are here to help!

With the advent of amazing restaurant apps and the many hidden and very supportive they have to offer, there’s no need to worry about not downloading them today.

Open Table

There is no easier way to get and reserve a table at a restaurant for free than using Open Table. Plus as an added bonus, you can even earn meal credits every time you eat out. Not bad you ask me.

Plus it works across major attractions as well as hundreds of the most popular restaurants in Las Vegas.

Trip Advisor

While this may seem like any other hotel and attraction review app, believe it or not, Trip Advisor offers more than one review and the best guides to restaurants. I specifically use this to track the top 10-20 restaurants in a specific place (like right outside Disney World).


Food delivery apps and newcomers that aren’t available anywhere are likely to dominate the market for more than a year. With UberEATS, you can get food from your favorite local restaurants while using the same Uber account you use today. (And definitely don’t forget to use this code: UberAdamBryan to get $15 off your first ride!)


This is a game changer for healthy eating. With Tasteful, users can search their restaurants and menus simply by selecting their healthy dietary preferences from vegetarian, vegan, paleo, low carb and gluten free. It’s crazy to support this application.


By far the easiest and most popular step is to browse menus from local restaurants, determine what you want, and have it delivered right to your door.

Hope you try not really one of these best restaurant apps today.

You’re sure to find great value and

Again, thanks for reading and be sure to share your favorite restaurant and dining apps by leaving a comment below.


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