From managing social media to scheduling shifts, apps for restaurant owners make temporary operations easy. But with all the apps to choose from, it’s hard to narrow down what you order. That’s why we put together this list featuring the 7 best apps for restaurant owners looking to drive more efficient operations. As an added bonus, looked at 3 apps that seem to be guest-only, but offer hidden functions for you as the owner.


What is its function?

This app for restaurant owners (and social facility managers in general) empowers you to manage multiple social amenities accounts – all in one app.

Why do you need it?

According to the PEW Research Center, 75% of tall adults use Facebook online. And half use Instagram. Then there are Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn (for recruiting) to consider. While all of these platforms can be managed on a device, there are plenty of social amenities apps that restaurant owners need to keep track of. luckily, Hootsuite is one of the most effective apps for restaurant owners to manage their social amenities accounts.


Easily schedule shared posts: Instagram. Indonesia. Facebook. you name it. Every major social utility account can be integrated into your Hootsuite account. From there, you can schedule posts days, weeks, even months in advance! An app for restaurant owners that empowers early planning… that’s a big win.
Gather knowledge about your messaging: The app for most restaurant owners when they provide information that you can use to your advantage. And Hootsuite did not disappoint. With analytics to monitor interactions and the power to talk about your business, you can easily track information together to guide future messaging for your restaurant.
Stick to the brand (no matter who manages your account): It’s not uncommon for restaurant owners to hand over social responsibility responsibilities to their staff. sometimes it is an experienced manager. sometimes servers that talk to SnapChat together smoothly. Whatever the case, Hootsuite allows you to see come from multiple account managers to post approved messages together quickly and consistently match brands.


What is its function?

Some apps for restaurant owners, like SnapSeed, are really specific
aim. This one is all about making your food photos stand out!

Why do you need it?

For restaurants, food photos on social facilities are not just for good looks. They’re for business…and the desired 86% of millennials try a new restaurant before viewing food content online!

So you need an app for restaurant owners that can up your photography game. That’s why SnapSeed created this list. This is a mobile photography app that showcases your signature dish in its best light.


More Features Than Your Average Platform: Instagram is recognized as one of the premier social utility apps for restaurant owners who want to showcase dishes like works of art. But while Instagram primarily provides filters and basic modification options, Snapseed offers 29 tools to get the right settings for your photos.
Intuitive User Experience: Most people avoid photo apps because they can be complicated. But along with its simple design and user-friendly interface, Snapseed is easy to use for everyone – from the professional photographer to your line cook.
Easy Sharing: You just got your most recent photo together perfectly. Now what? With Snapseed, you simply download the product and share it on several social media apps for restaurant owners – including Instagram and Facebook.

Review Tracker

What is its function?

The best app for restaurant owners gives you super powers,
like the power to understand what everyone is saying about you – every time.

Why do you need it?

In the restaurant world, reviews are a big deal. After all, 92% of customers read reviews before making a dining area decision. A lot has to do with how many stars are awarded to you. However, there are so many webs where customers can leave their minds: from Yelp to Google, Reddit to Facebook. do you have to track every review? Let apps for restaurant owners, like ReviewTrackers, do the work:


Track all your reviews in one place: The name pretty much adds to the functionality of this greatest app. ReviewTrackers combines over 100 web reviews into one lightweight platform so you can unify your web reviews in one place.

Respond to shared guests quickly: With the power to automate review collection, you can co-check light reviews and respond as needed. Thanks to the guests for their raving feedback. Solve problems together with customers who have had a bad experience. Instead of chasing apps

7 Substitution

What is its function?

An app for restaurant owners that takes the stress out of scheduling? yes please! Introducing 7Shift

Why do you need it?

Juggling a schedule of 20+ people is enough to drive anyone crazy. But it’s just an ordinary day for managers and restaurant owners. me things can be easier? So are the creators of several applications for restaurant owners. That has us on to 7Shifts – a scheduling tool that streamlines shift creation and staff communication.


Factor in all the details: A lot of things have to be done in creating a schedule. And some scheduling apps for restaurant owners don’t account for all of these variables. But 7Shift can automate schedules or allow users to apply customized custom templates along with multiple schedule schedules and staff availability, while calculating overtime and regional work laws.

Simplifying shift proportions and communication: It’s a fact. Staff schedule changed. No app for restaurant owners to get it done! But 7Shifts at least makes it easier to communicate about shift changes. Employees who can receive their schedule via text, app, and/or email so they never miss a shift. And along with group messages and conversations, they can be together by communicating if they switch or find a replacement.

Track employee engagement: Smile at me an app for restaurant owners that can track employee performance? 7Shift counts. staff leaderboard, showing your most and least engaged employees. Track absenteeism and late attendance of your staff. And automated surveys to get your team feedback on a regular basis.


What is its function?

explore inventory like never before, thanks to inventory
apps for restaurant owners like BevSpot.

Why do you need it?

Supplies are not easy. Whether you’re behind the bar or behind the lines, you have to look for everything, feel from products to bottles to decorations. And this is a major problem for the 51% of restaurant owners whose high operating and food costs are their biggest challenges. no luck, inventory apps for restaurant owners can be a real budget saver. We love BevSpot because it’s a solution that covers food and drink portions in your restaurant.


Interactive inventory calculator: Move, paper and pen. BevSpot lets you take over your inventory right away to any mobile device. Can’t get a good cellular connection on your walk-in? Does not matter. Cloud-based apps for restaurant owners like Bevspot include an offline mode that lets you consistently count, then upload knowledge when a connection is available.

Tailored options: Keep your knowledge as accurate as possible with flexible units and settings that match your reporting needs.

Usage reports and analytics: BevSpot provides regular reports so you can see what ingredients are being used and where you are wasting money.

Fresh Books

What is its function?

If you think this sounds the same as Quickbooks, you’re right. Like
Quickbooks, FreshBooks is not really one of the top accounting apps for restaurant owners…

Why do you need it?

There are many things to consider when it comes to restaurant spending. Cash flow. Payment. Invoice. And to do everything manually can lead to costly mistakes. It helps to have a finance app for restaurant managers that automates most of your accounting tasks. That’s why we love FreshBooks.


Save time with automated accounting: Ordinary accounting tasks can take up a lot of your time. no luck, FreshBooks can automate most tasks, such as searching for contests, timelines, and reports. Just configure your settings and let the software do the hard work.

Track expenses automatically: Sync your business bank accounts and credit cards to FreshBooks for more. If you end up paying for something in small bucks, just take the receiving photo and upload it with a simple click.

payroll for employees: With the FreshBooks Gusto app, you can schedule regular staff payments automatically taxes at the federal, state, and local levels. That way your team doesn’t get any unpleasant surprises when tax season arrives.


What is its function?

find out what’s happening in the bar and restaurant industry all the time
with a news-focused app for restaurant owners.

Why do you need it?

Gone are the days when you got an industry magazine in the mail once
month. Today, restaurant business news will come to you all day, every day
web web and industry publications.

That’s why you need an app for restaurant owners like Feedly. It’s kind of
through industry-related headlines, so you don’t have to. you get
personalized digests are emailed to you in an easy-to-read format.


Monitor industry news: Set up keyword alerts to bring together the latest news on the restaurant industry schedule, your business or even your competitors.

Track your favorite publications: Keep your industry’s favorite news sources in one area by selecting blogs and publications you read religiously.

Follow your favorite influencers: Add YouTube Channels and Twitter accounts from industry assumptions so you can browse daily without mandatory changes to dissimilar apps for restaurant managers.

BONUS: 3 Apps for Restaurant Owners (Disguised as Apps for Guests)


Benefit for Guests: Once guests download the Buzztime Entertainment app, they can play trivia at thousands of bars, restaurants, and breweries nationwide. This app keeps guests entertained through every phase of their experience, and keeps ‘em coming back.

Benefit for Owners: While it may seem like pure fun and games to guests, Buzztime offers so much more than just entertainment apps for restaurant owners. You also get access to digital signage to promote specials on your own TVs, the ability to host your own live events, and more.

Open Table

Benefit for Guests: Streamline the reservation process for customers so they can more easily book a table at your restaurant, using one of the most popular reservation apps for restaurant owners.

Benefit for Owners: Give your team a heads up on big parties and your numbers for that night. Your team can take notes on guest preferences to elevate their experience for their next visit.

Tap Hunter

Benefit for Guests: If you offer a wide range of brews or wine, consider partnering with Tap Hunter. This app lets users track when and where their favorite boozy beverages are available – along with events and specials at their favorite spots.

Benefit for Owners: Promotional apps for restaurant owners can help put you on the radar for guests seeking specific brands or great deals. This app does even more: helping with back-end work, like updating your menu, taking inventory, and preventing loss.

…and that’s a wrap on apps for restaurant owners! Have a favorite
app you use? Let us know in the comments!

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